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" This proposal to put Dr. Jenks, ol Detroit, n Dr. Dunster's place is, I believe," said Dr. Darling, yesterday, "only another 6tep in the scheme to more the medical department to Detroit. They say in favor of Dr. Jenks that he has reputation. Well, man y of our most famous professors had no reputation when they entered the Faculty. Dr. Martin, who has been doing the work for some time, is worthy of the place. The senior medies have petitioned that he be appointed. All his professional brothers who know hina will endorse him for the work. No one questions his Otness for the place. There is no good reason why Dr. Martin ehould not be given the place. If they persist in passing by so worthy a man, to take up a Detroit man, it certainly will look as though the friends of the scheme I mentioned are gaining the upper hand."


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