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píes nui Arid Gooda SELLING OUICKLY AT ■ D. F. Schairer's. Baigaina From the Bankrupt Stock of Root, Strong & Co., Detroit. We Invite Special Attention to this Sale, Reed These Prices. 5,000 yards Good Prints at 3c per yard. 3,000 yards Choice Dress Prints at 5c per yard. 2,000 yards Handsome Dress Sateens at 8c per yard. One case ÏJovelty Dress Ginghams at 8c per yard. Two cases Tinted Lawns, worth i%" now 5c per yard. 30 pieces Good Bed Tickings at 10c, 12c,. and 15c. 50 pieces White Wash Dress Goods at 8c, 10c, 12Jc, and 15c per yard in plaids and stripes. 75 White and Cream Embroidered Robes at $2.00, and $2.50 each.just half price. 17 pieces Silk and Wool 52 inch $1.00 Suitings at 60c per yard. 50 pieces Novelty Wool Dress Goods worth 40c, now 25c per yard. 100 pieces American Fancy Dress Goods at 12c per yard. 10! pieces All Wool 52 inch Ladies' Cloths at 50c per yard. 15 pieces Plain and Fancy All Wool 40 inch 75c Black Dress Goods at 50c per yard. 5 pieces All Silk Black Satin Rhadames at 75c, 90c, $1.00 and $1.25. 13 pieces Black and Colored Morie Silks at $1.00 per yard. 500 yards Surah Silks, Blacks only, at 75c and $1.00 per yard. 10 pieces Black Gros-Grain Silks at 50c, 75c, and $1.00 per yard. Cheap Sale of Laces. 45 inch Black Chantilly Skirtings at $2.25, $2.75, and $3.00 per yard. 45 inch Spanish Guipure Skirtings at $2.00, $2.50, and $3.50 per yard. 5 pieces 45 inch Cream and White Oriental Lace Skirtings at 50c per yard, worth $1.00. 25 pieces Embroidered Muslin Skirting at 50c 75c per yard, worth doublé. 25 dozen Real Paris 5-Button broidered Kid Gloves in Tans and Browns at 79c per pair. Lovely Silk Gloves in Blacks, Tans, Draps and Browns at 35c per pair. 300 pairs Ladies' Berlin Gloves at 10c per pair. 50 dozen Long Silk Mitts at 18c per pr. 25 dozen Ladies' Jersey Vests at 25c eacb. 20 dozen Ladies' Balbriggan Vests at 35c each. Ladies' Muslin Underwear at prices lesa than cost of material. Night Dresses at 25c, 39c, and 50c. Ladies' and Misses' Drawers at 25c, 39c, and 50c. Ladies'Chemises at 25c, 39c, 50c, and 75c. Ladies' Skirts at 25c, 39c, 50c, to $3.00. Corset Covers at 25c, 40c, 50c, and 75c. 10 dozen Gents' Night Shirts at 75c each. 50 dozen Unlaundried Shirts at 50c and 75c each. 200 Large Silk Parasols at $1.00 and $1.25. 00 26 inch Silk Umbrellas at $1.75, $2.00, and $2.50. oO Fancy Coaching Parasols at $1.00 each. Ve offer three great bargains in Jerseys at 75c, $1.00, and $1.25. 95 Ladies' Cloth Jackets at $2.00 each. j0 dozen Ladies' Fancy Border Handkerchiefs, 3 for 10c. 0 pieces Pure Linen Crash at 5c per yard. One case Large White Bed Spreads at 75c each. Two bales yard wide Sheeting at 5 per yard. 0 all Wool Black and Colored Cashmere Shawls at $1.35 and $1.50 each. Big Bargains in Large White Aprons at 25c, 35c, and 50c each. Ladies, it will Pay You to attend this Sale. We are Always the Cheapest. ' D. F. SCHAIRER


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