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Real Estate Transfers

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The following is a list of the real estáte transfers in Washtenaw county, as re corded by the register of deed?, for the week ending Aug. 2, 1888: J. F. Klais by wlll John Klals will Mary Marehall to Henry V. Dettrich, Ypsilanü ( 3000 Henry Vannatter to Anna Vaunatter.Dexter 150 Jacob Schweitzer by heirs Chas. Schweitzer, Superior 686.84 Lezbe Honey to Wm. H. Honey, Ypsilanti. 1 John W. Huil to Eliza A. Croloot, Pittafield - 2000 John W. Huil to Ellze A. Crofoot, Saline. 3000 Achsab J. Bcott lo W. H. Weston, Webster 875 Peter W. Brass by heirs to Kmma Davis, Dexter _ 200 Samnel Daria to J. O. Bloomhardt, Manchester - 775 Fannie E. Chapín to Lucy K. Cbapin, Ann Arbor „ 1000 Julia A. Gardner by heirs to L. 8. & V. A. Warner, Ypsilanti 1650 Clara ('arr to W. H. Johnson, YpBilanti 1 W. H. Johnson to Clara Carr, Ypsilanti 1 John Dixon by sheriff to E. K. Doane, Dexter „ Kellance B. Dexter to Thomas Richards MUan 100 Ellen A. Guest to Ella A. Guest wlll P. H. Green to Elizabeth YoungloYe, Ypsilnü _......... 50 Hiram Stever to Bussel Hastings, Ypsilanti „ 1600 Elizabeth J. Hyde to Jessie Booth.Ann Arbor ,. 250 J. E. Barleyto LydlaJ. Dlckerson, Manchester 75 Mary A. Cobb by att'y o L. D. & 8. C. Wlnes, A. A 1250 Julia Maddcn by sherilV to Maud Lynch, Dexter 152 Lncy J. Marshall to E. J. & E. A. Storms, A. A 1000 J. McKone to Hugh McKone, Lyndon 2865 Pierce Cassidy to Hugh McKcne, Lyndon. 107.60