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Real Estate Transfers

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The following is a list ol the real estáte transfers in Washtenaw county, as recorded by the register of deeds, for the week ending Sept. 3, 1888 : Henry Colby to C. W. Alban. Augusta ï lf 0 P. Fletcher to A. Fletcher, Ypsilanti 2000 Anna L. Behr to J. J. Koeh, A. A. city 200 Anna L. Behr to J. J. Koch. A. A. city 1 Herman Hutzel to A. C. Schumacher, A. A. city -. 900 Josephine Neumann to Katherine Wolf, Manchester 1500 Jane S. Phillips to J. and C. Lindenschmitt, A. A. city 3500 J. Lindensehmitt to E. A. and J. S. Phillips, A. A. city 400 Chas. C. Wilmot to Geo. W. Best, A. A. city 400 C. O. and S E. Lockwood to Chas. Lockwood, Salem 100 Joseph Doane to W. B. Mosher, Salem 100 Celia B. Gillette to Anna B. Bach, A. A. oitv 2500 Catherine Krause to Emma 0. Krause, A. A. city 450 L. W. Lake to Clarissa B. 1 ake, York E. W. Cushmaa to Sarah E. Cushman, Manchester Tbos. Honey to W. H. Honey, Ypsilauti city 1 P. M. Doty to John Kowolsky, A. A. city.. 600 Laura Porter (by heirs) to W. C. Rogers, Bridgewater 1 Joscphine Portor to Romanzo Porter, agreement F. W. Coleman (by sheriff) to P. W. Cleveland. Ypslianti 3613.43 Alice E Graat to Sylvia E. Smith, A. A. city 325 P Hascall to Chas. Feeger, Ypsilanti city.. 350 M. Crawford to Katie Crawford, A. A. city 360 Lavina H. Wright to Augusta Pratt, Augusta O Augusta Pratt to ïlizabeth Dolbee, Augusta - 400