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SENATE. WAsmxGTON,Aug. 30. - In the Sonate yesterday Mr. Reagan intreduced a bilí to permit the importation of jute bagging free of duty. The conference report on theSundry Civil Appropriation bill was considered. Several bilis of local importance were passed. Senator Gorman (JId.) made a speech defending the Administration from the charge of extravagance made by Senator Allison. Washington, Aug. 31.- The bill forfeiting the land grants to the Northern Pacific . railroad on the part of the line not yet completed was reported favorably to the Senate yesterday. Several amendments to the Fortification bilis were adopted. In speaking of the retaliafcory message Senator George upheld the President's position and Senator Cullom criticised it. Washington, Sept. 1. - In the Senate yes terday the Fortiflcations bill was passed. A bill was introduced authorizing the Pres ■ ident to take all necessary steps to prevent the spread from one State or Territory to another of cholera, yellow fever, smallpox or plague. A bill was reported favorably to give soldiers who served ninety days or more and were discharged on account of disease contracted in the line of duty the same bounty they would have received if discharged for wounds. Adjourned to the 3d. Washington, Sept. 4.- The bill for the admission of Washington Territory as a State was considered in the Senate yesterday. A message was received from the House with the bill for the absolute exclusión Si Chinese immigratioji, and it was discussed and laid over for the day. Washington, Sept 5.- In the Senate yesterday Senator Cullom (111. ) introduced a resolution, which was adoptéd, calling for information from the Secretary of War about the Detroit river and St Clair flats canal, between Michigan and Canada, and as to jurisdiction over its waters - whether in Canada or the United States. Senator Cullom also introduced a bill defining trusts and declaring them unlawful. During a speech Senator Reagan (Tex.) undertook a defense of the Confederacy and slavery, and upheld both of them as Godgivan rights. He was replied to by Senator Blair (N..H). The House bill to prohibit Chinese immigration was taken up, and Senator Teller (Col.) delivered a long speech on the subject. He began by defending General Harrison's record on the Chinese question, and characterizing the attack on him in that connection as on a par with the Morey letter of 1880. Comparing thecourse of the two parties in California, Senator Teller said the Republicans there had always been opposed to Chinese immigraticn while the Democratie party had not been. THE HOUSE. Washington, Aug. 30.- A joint resolution was passed in the House yesterday to provide temporarily (until September 15) for the expenditures of the Government. The bill providing that the Government securities shall be printed in the highest style of art, on hand-roller presses, was passed. Washington, Aug. 31. - In the House yesterday an attempt to consider the OklaUoma bill showed the absence of a quorum. The Committee on Foreign Aff airs reported the Retaliation bill, which gives the President authority, in his discretion, to suspend in whole or in part the transportation of goods imported or exported from Canada without the payment of duty ; provides that whenever the President is satisfied that there is any disqfimination whatever in the use of Cauadian canals which may be detrimental to the interests of the Tiited States there shall be a toll of twenCy cents a ton levied on Canadian vessels using the Sault Ste. Marie and St. Clair Flats canals, or the President may in his discretion entirely prohibit Canadian vessels from the use oí these canals. Washington, Sept 1- In the House yesterday nearly the entire session was spent in considering the Sundry Civil Appropriation bill. At the evening session twenty-seven private pension bilis were passed. Washington, Sept. 3. - In the House Saturday the time was occupied in discussing the Sundry Civil Appropriatiou bill. Washington, Sept. 4. - In the House yesterday Mr. Scott (Pa.) introduced a biU whieh excludes Chinamen of all grades ïrom this country .and revokes outstanding certineates, and it was passed without a dissenting vote. A bil] was also introduced providing for the punishment of all persons connected with trusts by imprisonment from one to twenty years, or by a fine ranging from Ï1.000 to $20,000. Washington, Sept. 5.- Most of the time of the House yesterday was spent dis-, cussing the Ketaliation bil! which came up as the special order at the expiration of the morning hour. OTHgB NOTES. Washington, Aug. 31.- The total cost of the foreign maii service of the United States last year was $490,007. The number of pieces of mail sent to foreign countries aggregated 89, 226, 934. Washington, Aug. 31.- The Govemment sold and gave away 27,4S5,833 acres of land during the year ended June 30 last. Washington, Sept. 1.- During the last fiscal year the total number of applications received at the Patent Office was 40,177; the total number granted, 22,101, against 23,217 the previous year; total receipts, íl,192,944, a decrease of $27,102; total expenditures, $953,730, a decrease of L27,914. There were 7,227 cases on hand a-.vaiting action. Washington, Sept. 3.- The publlc-debt statement issued Saturday shows the total debtto beïl, 723.008,805; cash in Treasury, $107,(573,320; debt less cash in Treasury, $154.122.083. Decrease during August, $7,324.1175. Decrease since June 30, 1888, $11,461,974. Washington, Sept. 3. - The total coinage at the mints of all denominations of gold, silver and nickel during the month of August was 4.7ü'J,257 pieces of the value of $5,850,418. __


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