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New foundrymen in Saline- Winslow & Tripp. Miss Carrie Fitzmier, Bridgewater, is a patiënt at the Pontiac asylum. Mr. Hafford, of Milan township, reports a yield of 44 bushels of wheat per acre. Milan people would like to know why coal is higher in that villlage than in Ann Arbor. Ira Wood, near Saline; 400 bushels of barley ; seven acres. Chas. Burkhart, 315 bushels oats, 8 acres. Ed. Keibier, Saline, isentered for several races in the world's bicycle tournament in Buffalo this week. Mr. Gainsley removed his stock of goods from Milan before the citizens became acquainted with him. A horse of Adam Stang, of Saline, ran against a fence ; sliver pierced a vien, and the animal bied to death. George Hunter, of Saline, at the home of his sister, Mrs. C. F. Corden, has been siclc for a long time. His friends cheered him up by a birth-day surprise party. Camp-meeting was in progresa just east of Milan, theKickapoo Indiansjust south. and music all around because the band was made the recipiente of $115 by the citizens. The stone abuttnents for the new bridge over the Saline river, are completed. The work was done by Ypsiianti masons. The distance between the two piers is 67} feet, which will allow ice and floating timber to pass through much better and with less backing upof water, than the old bridge piers, which were about 75 feet apart with a supporting pier in the center. - Saline Observer. YPHilauti. Rev. Jefifries, pastor of the A. M. E. church, has been attending conference at Grand Rapids this week. His churcli here seem hopeful that he will be given the same charge again. A very select party of young folks held a quiet little dancing party in Samson's hall, Tuesday evening. Henry Samson has returned from a visit to the far wild west and says "Michigan is good enough for him, thank you." The Cornwell Fire company is fifteen years old. Edward Grant's pump factory burned Tuesday, loss over $12,000 ; no insurance. The ladies come out one dozen strong at school meeting Monday night, but failed to elect their candidates, Messre. Bailey and Fleming: Messrs Bacheldor and Wortley being reelected. Webster. Miss Hattie Phelps is attending school in Dexter. Rev. J. E. Butler will deliver his farewell sermón next Sabbath. Misses Rosa and Florence Miles, of Marión, are visiting at Mr. Latson's. A pleasant time was had at the birthday party for Ella Munroe a few days ago. Misses Maude Willi?.ms, Mary Blodget, Rebecca Tubbs, and Ray Olsayer are attending the Ann Arbor high school. The farmers' club was held at C. Rogers', last Saturday. After opening with music and a paper read, a questjon was discussed with considerable interest which is as follows : "Which is the best method of preparing ground and sowing wheat?" The club will have a fair at the residence of Hon. Wm. Ball, Hamburg, Oct. 13. Ctaelsea. J. J. Tuomy, of Jackson, was in town last Monday. Hon. S. G. Ives shook bands with Gen. Harrison at Put-in-Bay last Friday. L. E. Sparks, wife, daughter May and son Burnet, of Jackson, spent Sunday here. Rev. Mr. Holmes attendedthe funeral of Mrs. Elizabeth Gilbert in Ann Arbor on Sunday. Iron hitching poste have been placed all around Glazier's corner. A good example for others. Misses Belle and Gertie Chancller spent most of last week with their sister, Mrs. Drislane, in Lodi. Frank Gilbert, of Glenn's Falls, N. Y., was the guest of his brother, Jas. L. Gilbert, a couple of days this week. The Cavanaugh club have purchased the plat of ground originally leased for a camping ground at Cavanaugh lake. Miss Emma Kempf has returned from a ten weeks' visiting tour through the states of New York and Pennsylvania. The family and invited guests of Mr. and Mrs. James McLaren had a very pleasant picnic at Cavanaugh lake last Salurday, Mrs. L. E. Sparks, of Jackson, formerly of Chelsea, spent last week at Cavanaugh lake, and is spending this week in Chelsea. Ed. Negus has completed his log :abin at Cavanaugh lake, and a very nice and picturesque cottage he has made of it. Miss Linda Boomer, of Ontario, who labored eo successfully here last winter as an evangelist, is the guest of Rev. J. H. Mclntoeh. Thomas S. Sears and H. M. Woods were at Whitmore lake Tuesday, appraising one of tha farms of the late Luther James. Mrs. S. L. Homes is having a furnace put into her residence on Main-st. When all the improvements planned and in progresa are completed by Mrs. Holmes she will have avery convenient home. Hon. H. M. Long and daughter, Mrs. Tate, of Pittsburgh, Pa., arrived here last Saturday. Mr. Long left for home Tuesday, but Mrs. Tate will remain several weeks, the guest of her aunt, Mrs. Barlow. Hon. Henry M. Long, in response to a very short and unexpected cali, addressed a large, intelligent, and very attentive audience at Town hall, last Monday evening, on the protection of American industries. This was Chelsea's first political rally of this campaign, and was a success. PitUfleld. David Wilsie and wife left for Petoskey Tuesday. The school in the Milisdistrict opened Monday, Miss Emma R. Kempf, of Chelsea, presiding as teacher. The school house has of late been undergoing repairs, both ornamental and use ful. During thethunder storm of last Fnday, three horses belonging to Henry Preston, were struck by lightning and instantly killed. MÜRll. On account of rain on Friday the M. E. corner stone ceremonies were postponed until Saturday, when it was swung into position. The building of the church was very materially assisted by a bequest of Mrs. Marble. She left Romeproperty on Main-st, tothe society. They sold what they did not need for a site and realized about $1700, and set about the erection of the church. The basement foundation has been completed. The stone was laid by Mr. Marble. Within the zinc receptacle, incased in the stone, is a history of the society, a copy of the bequest, a list of business men, village council, etc. The exercises were participated in by the local clergy and witnessed by a arge concourse of people.


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