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When n Detroit cali on Roehm & Son, Grand Circus Park, dealers in Diamonds, Watche?, Art Ware?, Murble Statunry, rich Gold Jewelry, Silver Novelties, Sterling Silver and heavily plated Table ware, Cut glass and all gooda keptby firstclass Jevrelers. Quality guaranteed and prices reasonable. Base Ball- Natinnal Leagae Games at Detroit. Michigan Central Railway will, on Friday, Sept. 7, sell round trip tickets at one fare with 50 added for admission,- Detroit vs. Washington; Saturday, Spt. 15, Detroit vg. Boston ; Tuesday, Sept. 11, Detroit vs. PhiUdelphia ; Thursday Sept. 20, Detroit va. New York. H. W. Hayks, Agent. The Michigan Central Railroad Will run special trains from Ypsilanti to Jackson and Return, on Sept. 11, 12, 13 and 14. for the State fa' e, as follows : Leave Ypsilanti 6:40 a. m. Geddes 6:47 ' " Ann Arbor 6:57 " " Delhi _ 7:09 " Scio 7:13 " Deïter „ 7:27 " Che sea 7 40 " " Francisco 7:54 " Grass Lake 8:02 " Leoni f:09 " " Michigan Centre 8:19 " Arrive Jacksou 8:35 a. m. Returniog Leaves Jackson lor Yj gilanti at (i:00 p. m. One fare lor the round trip. Dyspepsia Makes the Uves oí many people miserable, causing distress af ter eating, sour stomacb, sick headacbe, heartburn, loss of appetite, a íalnt, " all gone" feeling, bad taste, coated tongue, and trregularity of DlStreSS thebowels. Dyspepsiadoes After not R!t wel' of ll _ .. requires careful attention, Eating an(j a reraedy like Hood's Sarsaparilla, which acts gently, yet efflciently. It tones the stomach, regulatcs the digestión, creates a good Sick petite, banishes headachc, j u and refreshe3 the mind. HeaaaCnO ' I have been troubled with dyspepsia. I had but little appetite, and what I did eat l4OQrf distressed me, or did me nearx ,ittle good_ After eating I DU rn would have a f aint or tired, all-gone feeling, as thougli I had not eaten anything. My trouble was aggravated by my business, painting. Last spring I took Hood's Sar saparilla, which did me an StOltiaCn immense amount of good. It gave me an appetite, and my food relishcd and satisfied the craving I had previously experieuced." Geokge A. Page, Watertown, Mass. Hood's Sarsaparilla Sold by all druggists. gl ; six f or #5. Prepared only by C. I. HOOD & CO., Apothecaries, Lowell, Maai. 1OO Doses One Dollar íeuben H, Kempf, Intructor n Piano and Organ Plaving The Stvitgart, Lebert and Stark system vf Piano-forte playing. Tuitüm-per Quarter of m lessons f 15 oo. -Sclwlais may ader any time. The begUmina of their quarter commences with the fint lesson hey take. -Nodeduclion can he }tuule for absence of lesêons except in case of illness. -Office and Kesidence, -J2 S. División Sí. PrriLS of 1888. Allen, Miss Marian Ann Arbor Allen, Mr. Frank " ' Atkinson, Miss Core Ohlo April, Mr. Adolf Ann Arbor iurd, Miss Jennie 3rown, Miss Ray " BriKht, Mr. C Canada Belknap, Miss Ella Ditroit 3eck,Mlss Emma Ann Arbor ndon, Miss Lydia ' Craig, Miss Louie " Coldwell, Miss I Kansas Oole, Miss Minnie Ann Arbor Colden. Miss H.S calumet Case, MissR Ann Arbor Dean. Misa Lzzie Durheim, MiS8 Ruth DeFrieze, Miss Helen ' Dunlap, Miss May. - Whilmore Lak e Douglals Miss Marge Anti Arbor Eberbach, Miss Emily ' Eberbach, Miss Ottilie - " " Earp, Miss Cornelia Ann Aroor Frothingham. Miss Mary " Frothingham, Mr. Willie " French, Miss Unida Reedsburg, W is Fowler, Mr. W. M Bright. Canada George, Miss Nellie Ann Arbor Gwinner, Miss Emma Haller, Mies Katie " Henley, Miss ' Haven, Miss Giace Chicago Jacobs, Mr. Charlie ,AnI!,Arlí!í' Johnson, Mr. W TaylorvlUe, 111 Koch, Miss Klora Ann Arbor Luick, Miss Olive ''. ',. Luick.Mr. Oscar Iwi8, Miss Agnes Morse, Miss Grace " , Olne,'Mlw Ada.'.'."!l.r.'.V.'".' Marlette, Ohio Pomroy. Miss Louis Calumet Root, Miss Alire Ann Arbor R ot. Miss M ignnn , Robinson, Miss Cora Roehm, Miss Minnie N Roehm.Miss Richards, Miss Jennie calumet Southmayd, Miss Lulu Ann Arbor Seabolt, Mr. Martin Schumaclitr.Mr. Phil Smith, Mm á Minnesota Turney, Miss .-. Ann.Arbl'i Triner, Miss - ro ningUn 111 Van Arsdale. Miss Mand J eb lygaa, Mich Wafrman. Mr. Howard Detroit Wagner, Miss Kace Ann Arbor Whitlark. Mrs THE NEW olltl. CEHU4LI Tm-WM THE PERFECT TYPE-WRITING MACHINE. The Wrillns is in plnln lht, fven to Ibe 1hi lelter. fcaliire liat no ..ili.r machine possesses. It has the fewest parts of any sUndard Type writer, maling it lesa liablc to get out of order. Alignment is perfect, and the type all beiag on oue piece of metal, it can never change. Will manifold three to six copies, bee this one before buyine any other. Cali on or addre?s, J.B. WHEEI.OIK, Ageiil, 26 East William St. Ann arbor, Mich MILUNERY STORE NO. 7 ANN STBEBT. lLTtS. JB2. J. HOYT Date of Opening, Sept, 12, 1888. A Ml line of Millinery, and a com plete stock of Hair Goods. Hair Work Done to Order. We make a specialty of our Trimming Department. Please cali upon us, and see what we can do for you in Work and Prices.


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