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JÜÜÜI HE QeVERS OF OÜD HONESTY TOBACCO WiLL SOOfl FI[ID JI-JAT IJ LyST5 LOfJGEfy TASJES SVEETER THjAfvI OJl-jEI T0BCCOS, A[nID VILL pLEASE _. [ ASK YOUR DEALER FOR IT, yUU AND INSISTON CETTINC IT, E'Ely pLJG SJAIpED LIE aboVe cdj. JNO. FIMZER & BROS., Lonisyille, Ky. LITMBÉR LI7MBER! LUMBER! If you contémplate building oall ai FKRDON LUMBERYARD! Corner Fourth and Depot Sts., anc get our figures for all kinds of LUMBEE We manufacrure our owi Lumbet and Tuarantee VERY LOW PRICES 4ESí I vo iih a ull mt o will imtkekt ■ .our ïuteroNt, hm nr largre ui wel' l(ralol Ntoek lully shnihIii our tHm ■ Iton. Já.1tN IOI.KKKT, Ifrop. f. .1. KKKfiH. man. ri"vliitiiiiiiztM the workdurTly ufiWT IB1" the last half ceutury. Not ■ II 1 Mil IlUÏI1"1"1 "' ■" ""■ wonders of inventive prügress s a method and fyBtem of work that ean De performed all over the couutry without separating the workers from their homes. Pay liberal; aiiy one can do the work ; either sex, young or old ; no special ability required. Capital not needed ; you are started free. Cutthis out and return to us and we will 6end you free, somethii'g of greRt value and importance to you, that will start you in business, which will briiiR you In more money right away than anythingelse hl the world. i i rand uut iit free. Address True & Co.. Augusta, Maine. J&tJsSjiJij YS. SALT RHEUM, WrT.iCTtTTE H ■ BURNS ÉtwQ'y!'". ,'J5CALDS, SORES. ■V - BE5T Pft wounos, iNSK í--: k :,"■ ■ AIMT'S SORES #W and CHAFING, ïEA ' ,-! "vs r'( ƒ %$ SQRENIPPLES. Mv' -'!.' : .i-Min ''Jf n invaluVV ,4Y aüLE REIIEDV X'-ï1' tf X FOR CATAR RH. 3CTCT5. RtLiaftLE ORUGCISTS SELl C-VJ ■ ■ IT ON A POSITIVE GoHRtTEt Mini II ItEwnrlrl are those whs read this H In iYani the" act; they wiU niul honorable ■■■■■ icmployiniMit ilint will lint take them from their homes and families. The profits are large and sure for every indnstriousperson.manv have made a-irt are now making several hundred dollars a month. ít is easy foranyone to make tö and upwards per day, who is willing to work. Either sex, young or old ; capital uot needed ; we start you. Everything new. Ko special abihty required; you, reader, can do it as well as any one. Write to us at once for full particnlars, which we mail free. Address Stinson & Co., I'ortlaud. Maine. For Diseases of the KIDNEYS ...cVrt DR. HILL'S nx&m ÊÊk R0YAL ENCLISH jJBhje15 ■■ Mwin cnre all diseases of the KidmltlÊÊÊÊÊÊL ''■"■ Jiladiler. Irritation ol the CTTyMT Ke'ck of the Bladder, Burning HfflHHIP'' Urine, Cleet, Gonorrluea in all its .BaMmr ' slages. Mimms IHM-hnrges, L'on4HHhLW gestión of the Kidupvs. ürick Dnst HfMRimW Iieposit, Diabetes, Infiammatioii of tlie Kldneya and Bladder, ■Bix M Dropsv of Kidñeys. Acid Trine, SL KL )!loodv l-rine, TA1N IX THE m!kwBk HAC'li. IiPtention of Trine, Fre■jk iinent Vrinaiion, Gravel In all lts Sli Hl furru, Inabiüiy to Retain the Water, particularlv in persons ad■Pn _ vaneed in life. IT IS A KIDSKY SsJra BsixvKSTKiATOH that restores :-La HSi thP Irine u its natural color, reHhÉ Sruuvesthe acid and burning, and ïH BsV the effect of the excessive use of :fl?JuJr intoxicatinp drink. PRICE, SI; Throe Bottle for S2.5O. Delivered free of any charges. 6T"Send (or Circular. Sold by all Drugglsta. W.JOHNSTONDtTCOYMicH


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