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Floods And Storms

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Fl'RÏ OP THE ELEMEXTS. Ishpeming, Mich., Sept. 1- The lcsses by forest flres are now estimated at ÍHO,000 to $75,000. Tho homeless people are being sheltered and feii by those who saved their homos. They wül requiro assistance to rebuiUl. Hot SPRINGS, Ark., Sept. 1.- A heavy rain storm and water-spout Thursday nlght did great damage in this district. A raging Hood swept through tliis city, destroying many structures and partly submerging others. It is said that thirteen persons have been drowned, and that nina bodies have been recovered. Tho financial loss is placed at $100,000. Those who lost their lives were poor people who lived in small cottages, which cculd not stand agaiust such a deluge. Such torrents wero never bo iore seen here. The immense volume of water that came from the mountain sides swept through thei streets with terrific force and swelled the Hot Springs creek and its branch to such a resistless tide that destruction to life and property was unavoidable. Montpeliek, Ind.# Sept. 1. - Forest lires have done great damage to fencing, cornfields and small buildings in this vicinity. Cüattaxooga, Tenn., Sept 1. - Heavy wind and rain-storms have injured the cotton erop in Western Tennessee and the northern portions of Mississippi, Arkansas and Alabama about 10 per cent. London, Sept. 2. - A hurricane occurred in Algoa bay July 30, during which a number of vossels were wrecked. Ntne vessels were wrecked in the gale off Port Elizabeth. Many lives were lost. Vienna, Sept. 5.- The floods in Bohemia have reached proportions which spread alarm in regions hilherto thought to be out of the bounds of possible inundations. At Ibn Budweis 15,000 persons have been rendered homeless and are taking refaga in the hills. The Danube is rising steadily. San Francisco, Sept. 5.- J apáñese advices, by the steamer City of Rio de Janeiro are to the effect that a terrific storm raged on the night of August 4, at Tokushaing,a town of Awaprovince,andcontinued on the next day. Inundations occurred at Mayosagori which destroyed 180houses and drowned forty-six people.


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