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Willie Beattie, of Djtroit, is visiting at Mrs. Edson'8. T. Y. Kayne, of Chicago, was in Ann Arbor over Sunday. Mrs. F. Rentschller and Son have returned (rom New York. Miss Ohristine Kneussl, of Ottawa, 111., is visiting D. F. Schairer. Genevieve Kinne, '89, of Ypailanti, will teach in Teoumseh thia year. Mrs. Andrew Sutberlaad will soon leave the city to reside in Grand Rapids. Eugene Hall has moved into his new house on Hill-st near the fair grounds. Dr. Jackson has gone east to attend a reunión of his regiment at Arcade, N. Y. Ernest Perry made a flying trip on his bicycle to Detroit and back last Monday. Eider Clements, on Washtenaw-ave, has returned from a trip to the Rocky mountains. Cuas. A. Salyer, law '89, is lecturing on prohibition in Washington territory this gumtner. Prof. G. W. Knight of the Ohio State University, left for Columbus Monday morning. Rev. Barlow of Detroit will preach at the Presbyterian church next Sunday morning and evening. Miss Annie O'Brieñ, who has been visiting in Detroit the past three weeks, returned home Monday. Mrs. Jeff. Sherman and Mrs. Finley, of Charlotte, have been guests of Mr. J. Lindenschmitt, the past week. Owing to the illness of Rev. Henry (lelston, Prof. M. L D'Ooge occupied the Presbyterian pulpit last Sunday. W. H. Smith, who entered '88, acted as clerk of the state Normal last year, and ■will return to gradúate with '89. Miss Adele V. Smith, of Washington, D. C, is visiting her cousin, Miss Mary E. Keating, Thayer and North-sts. Rev. A. H. Biddle, of Hartford, Conn., will preach in the Congregational church next Sunday morning and evening. The prospects for a large increase in the law department of the U. of M. is better than t has been for four years past. Ottmar Eberbach went to Detroit Monday to attend the great convention of diuggists in gession there this week. Dr. Hamilton Smith and wife, of Detroit, have been visiting Mrs. Smith's sister, Mra. Paul, on Soutb Division-st Dick Kearas has received an appointment as postal clerk and will run from Cleveland to Ubicago. He left Monday. Mrs. Otis Havens, who is on a visit a Evanston, III., will, on her return, live in the family of Dr. P. B. Eose on S. State-st Florence Kinne, '87, of Ypsilanti, ha gone to Romeo, where she is to be pre ceptress in the high school the coming yenr. Frank Legg, the genial clerk of Lew Clement, is visiting bis parents in Colon He is also making some good sales for hi house. Peter Howley, of Elmira, Mich., a form er Ann Arbor boy, ia visiting his brother John Howley, on Catherine-3t, who is se riously sick. The Missea Matnie and Nellie Rinsey Kitty Mclntyre and Celia Gilbert left the city Tuesday as pupils to St. Mary's acad emy at Monroe. D. P. Shuler, who graduated in pharma cv in '87 and did post-graduate work in '88, will teach chemistry and physies in the Ypsilanti high school this year. P. C. Hudson, of Toledo, son in-law o M.-s. W. Hamilton, on S. Thayer-st, is vis iting his little son who has been living with his giandmother from infancy. Mrs. E. May Reed, of Cleveland, Ohio who has been visitiog her cousins, T. A Dunn and family, on State-st, for the past three weeks, returned home yesterday. E. S. Shaw, '88, of Ypsilanti, leaves for Oberlin, O., next Mondad, where he wil study theology a year. R. 8. Smith, '88 will also study theology there the coming year. Miss Mayer left yesterday for the east, where she will remain till Oct 3, when sh saÜ9 for Europe. She was accompaniec as far as Buffalo by her niece, Julia Rominger. Mrs. T. W. Peers, who has been visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Wagner some two months, left Tuesday for St. Louis, Mo. She will go from there to her home ia Topeka, Kansas. Miss Lucy Chittendeo, who has -been a teacher in our high school for fifteen years, has been spending a very pleasant and health-giving vacation at Litchfield Spring?, N. Y , returned home last Saturday. E. E. Hubbard, '88, sailed for Tokio, Japan, Aug. 10, where he will teach in the government schools. He has pledged himself to remain five years, unless sickness should force him to return. He was allowed $240 for his passage over. Chas. P. Beckwith, '87, is in the city for a few days and may do post-gradua'.e work in the University the coming year. Last year .he taught chemistry and physies in Dakota agricultural college, and he says it seems good to get back to Ann Arbór, where there are a few trees. On Monday évening, at the residenceof the bride's mother, on Liberty-st, occurred the happy inarnage of Chas. Reed to Miss Addie Cole, the Rev. Dr. Sunderland officiating. The affair was strictly private, due to the relatives of the contracting parties living in distant parts ; but few friends being present. The groom returns soon to Dallas, Texas, where he is engaged in the practice of his profession, having graduated from our University with law class of '87. As early as Christmae his fair bride follows him to their southern home.


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