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More than 60 citizens met last Saturday evening and placed a eitizjns' ticket for school trustees in the field. The persons chosen were Philip Bach vrho received 49 votes. Evart H. Scott who received 54 votes, and J. V. Sheehan who had 36. The John J. Rubison force, appeared on the scène to prevent the nomination of Judge Harriman. The trustees whose terms were lo expire are Judge Harriman, Philip Bach, and A.. M. Doty. Judge Harriman gracefully retired, but A. M. Doty, urged by some of his friends, made a fight in Monday'g election against Mr. Sheehan and the result was in doubt till the count. It was urged against Mr. Sheehan that he was a Catholic, but his friends stood by him just the same. Mr. Bach received 442 votes; Mr. Scott, 441; Mr. Sheehan, 242; and Mr. Doty 207 ; Mr. Sheehan thus beating Mr. Doty by 35. The total number of bailo ts cast was 448, many of them by ladies. THE BUSINESS MEETING. The polls were closed at 2 p. m., and the business meeting was then held in Firemen's hall. E. B. Pond was made chairman. The annual report of the board of education was offered in printed form ind was accepted. On motion of J. C. Knowlton,it wasvoted to raise $23,000 by taxation for school purposes for the coming year. N. W. Cheever presented the following : Resolved, That the board of trustees of the Christian Association of the University of Michigan purchase one rod in width off the south ide of the lot owned 3y the district and adjoiningthe lot owned' ;y the Christian association, at a price equal to one fourth of the same paid by the district for said lot. Sedgwick Dean offered an amendment to the resolution to the effect that the fchool district give the right of way of one rod in width to the Christian association, the title to remain with the district. It was voted down. The resolution was then carried by nearly a unanimous vote. In support of the resolution it was urged that the association needed the one rod strip and that the school didn't. If it doesn't get the strip or use of it, the fence will come within two feet of the building. Mr. Dean thought that the ground was afl needed as a play ground for the children, and that they have no business to make a present to the association. If it is sold at all to the association it ought to be at the present value. Others claimed that the one rod is now worth only $400, and the price which the resolution calis for is $662.50. Some were willing that the rod of land should be given for a nominal sum. Aüter voting $250 to the high school library the meeting adjourned.


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