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Real Estate Transfers

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J. LewiB (by sheriff; to Pamelia A. Noble, A. A. city „ 8272 Elraira Bennetl to W. H. Spiegelburg, Northfield 350 Milton E Phillips to M. U. aud C. B. Phillips, York 4500 Marv E. Fulford to Ernest Elasser, Ann Arbor 100 J. G. Price t' Ernest Elasser. Ann Arbor... 656 Sterling A. Millard (by Ex.) to John Wallace. Manchester 25003 Eli Avery (by heiis) to W. J Millard. Manchester 26000 Laura H. Tewksbury to G. W. and A. P. Taylor, York 175 W. A. Moore, to G. W. Taylor, York W. H. Jewett to J. T. Ferguson, Ypsilanti city 200 John Flynn and wife to Sarah M. Flynn, Ann Arbor „.. 1 Mary B. Grant (by Ex.) to D. O. Batchelder.Ypsilami 450 W. B. Hoffto T. W. McAndrew. Ypsilanti, 8000 Martin Oremer to Charles Thomas, Ypsilautl 100 P. W. Rosa lo Martha 8. Ross, Ypsilauti city 1000 Laura H. TeWBksbury to li. P. Tewkebury, York 100 Laura H. Tewksbury to Lottie L. Hitchcock, York 500 Michael Clark to Ellen R. Wosser, A.A. city , 800 H. Forshee to Major D. Gorton, Salem 2000 Warren Babcock to J. W. Blakealee, et. al. trustees, Müan vill 25 B. F. Thomas to J. W. Blakeslee, et, al. trastees, Milán vill 10 Chas. B. Keudall to Wilber G. Kempf, Sharon 63 Sarah J. Hughes to Moscs Seabolt, A. A. city 135 Moses Seabolt aiuA wiië to Martin M. Seabolt, A. A. cily 1350 Parlia Phillips (by probate court) S Mary Phillips, et. al. York Richard West (by sheriff) Saruh suggitt. Superior 716 Mary Ann Smith (by probate courtj to Sheldon & Hughes Ann Arbor city, decree of as.stnment. Adam Wahl to Frederick, Gauss, A. A. city 250 Simou Jedele 10 Frederick Hahar, Bridgewater 275