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At the adjourned meeting of the common council, Monday evening, Alderman Sutherland, Allmendinger, Martin, Herz Kearns, O Mars, Mïller, Wines, Mayor Beakes, and Recorder Baoh were present. THE STUDENTS' CASE. Aid. Allmendinger presen ted the folio wing: Resolved, That it is the deslre of this eouncil either that the socalled students' cases be dropped, or that the marshal be directed to bring cases against all persons against whom reasouable evidence is brought, with regard to stone throwlng, egg throwiug, or furuishing eggs to be thrown at any of the late politieal processions. This resolution was promptly laid on the table by the following vote : Yes- Aid. Martin, Herz, O Mra, Miller, Mayor Beakes, Recorder Bach. No - Aid. Attmendinger, Kearns, Wines JUDGE JOSLYN HAS 8UED THE CITT. The question of Chauncey Joslyn's claim of $109 for services as oity attorney, came up, - the claim rejected at the last meeting. Mr. Joslyn had already begun suit against the city for this amount, although bis declaration had not been filed; but he had weakened a little and wanted a committee to meet him and settle the claim. He had been paid about $50 for his I ces, but thought he onght to have more. The finance conamittee had considered the ma.ter and determined that the claim was not just. The conncil decided to let Mr. Joslyn fire away. THS SORG MATTER AGAIN. The following was adopted : Resolved, That the committee on mixed qnestions of law and fact be Instructed to confer with Mr. Selliek Wood and flnd out the amount of money in his hands as trustee for the city, under the assigument of Albert Sorg. THE COUNOIL ON ITS KAR. After sotne discussion of ,the Albert Sorg matter, and the 50 per cent. offer which isn't quite an offer, the council became warm and passed the following unanimou8lv: Resolved, That the mayor and city attorney be instructed to commeace criminal proceedings against Albert Sorg, late city treasurer, unless the deflciency be made up, and that the prosecutlng attorney of the county be requested to aid by all means In his power. The councilmen were in hearty accord about this, and said they had the "sar.d " necessary to carry it through. MR. HERRMANN WILL NOT, YOÜ KNOW. The city attorney presented a deed from L. Grruner and Mrs. Minfc Burk for their land included in the extensión of Second at, between W. Jefferson and Madison ets., and reported that Johann Herrmann positively refused to deed his part, although in a petition made in August, 1887, he agreed to do so if the city would extend the street. The deed was accepted and ordered recorded, but no action was taken about Mr. Herrmann. THE NEW CHARTER. The mayor callad Aid. Miller to the chair, and then made the report of the committee on drafting a dcw charter. The important changes were read to the council. The city attorney suggested a change, which was that the mayor be excluded from the council entirely as presiding officer. He would, however, give the mayor the veto power of all reeolutions and ordinances, as the draft proposes. The question was referred back to the committee. It was decided to subatitute the words " chief of pólice " wherever the word "marshal" occurs in the charter, and a clause was ineerted giving the chief of pólice power to serve all criminal processes. The question as to whether the ohief of pólice should bo allowed to work for special rewards in apprehending crimináis was referred to the committee. It was not in the draft of the charter reported. The board of public works was ques tioned, and Mayor Beakes and Aid. AUmendinger ezplained its good features. The present charter makes the aldermen executive officers as regards streets and sidewalks. Aid. Allmendinger has been threatened with defeat at the next election if he didn'tgive work to certain men. He couldn't, for one, spend his time in running about the city seeing if people patched up the sidewalks. The council expressed approval of the aew charter. CITY ATTORNEY KESIUNS. City Attorney Kina; gave an affeoting and exceedingly interesting reminiscence of the first eity government under the present charter, and of the good and true citizens who composed H, many now of sainted memory. . Robert E. Frszer was city a'torney aud Mr. King was recorder. His speech admirably showed the absurdities of the present charter under the present size and circumstances of the city. Thí charter has to be violated in order to pay the marshal what he gets. It ehowed clearly the neressity of new machiuery to carry on the government. Mr. King's speech led up to the miserable salary of $100 allo wed by the present charter to the city ettorney. He had feit that he could not go on serving the city for the salary ; but had kept on til! this time at the request of the new charter committee of which he was a member. The council lays out a good deal of work for the city attorney. He explained the David Henning suit, and others. There will be many more suits probably, too much for $100 per year. He thought it was impossible for him to do all this woik for $100 per year, and he presented his written resignation. I Mr. King's reeignation was tabled and the council adjourned till the next evening. A. A. Meuth asked permisión to erect a frame dwelling on the corner of Detroit and División st., end it was granted. TOM KEARNEY IS CU Y ATTORNLY. AtTuesday evening'asession, Aid. Sutherland, Martin, Herz, O'Mara, Miller, Hammond, Barker, Mayor Beakes, and Recorder Bach, were nresent. The resignation of Zina P. King as city attorney was aooepted. The council took an informal ballot for a new city attorney, and it resulted as follows: Thomas Kearney, 4; JudgeJosiyn, 2; Zina P. King, 1 ; A. J. Sawyer, 1. The first tormal ballot resulted as follows: Judere Joslyn, 3; Thomas Kearney, 3; Zina P. King, 1; C. H. Kline, 1; A. J. Sawyer, 1. The second formal ballot rpulted as follows : Thoinae Kearney, 6; Z'na P. Kiog, 1; C. H. Kiine, 1; A. J. Sawyer, 1. Mr. Kearney was declared elected. TO SCAN THE CHARTER. The mayor was authorized to secure some imitable person to read the proposed new charter to caten mistakes.


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