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SENATK. Washington, Dec. 13.- In the Senatfl yesterday the time was occupled in discussing the Tariff bilí. A bilí was introducid providing íor the construction of torpedo-throwers for harbor defonso. Washington, Dec. 14. - A resolution was lntroduced ia the Sonate yesterday asking for a report as to the condition of Alaska, and especially as to the treatment of Indlan women by the white peopla A bilí was introduced for the admission of Idaho as a Bt te. The Tariff bill was further discused. Adjourned to the 17th. Washington, Dea 18. - In the Senate yesterday a statement was prosented from citizens of Orangeburg County, 8. C, declaring that they had been prevented from exercising the right of suffrage last month, and petitioning the Senate to make an investigation of affairs there. The Tariff bill was further considered. Bills were introduced to abolisn special taxes on distilled spirits at the places where the goods are delivered by the carrier to the vendee; to establish a coinage mint at Denver, and to furnish arms to the State of Oregon for militia purposes. Washington, Dec. 19.- The Tariff bill was further discussed in the Senate yesterday. Bills were introduced for the reorganization and increased efficiency et the navy, for the establishment of a p-;rj food división of the Department of Aüri I culture, and to remove the political disa bilities of Harriet H. Kobmson, of Middlesex County, Mass., and to declare her a Citizen of the United States, with all the rights and powers of citizenship, including the privilege of voting or being voted íor. HOUSE. Washington, Dec. 13. - In the House the Direct Tax bill was passed by a vote of 178 to96. The total amountto be refunded to the States under this bill is about $15.000,000. The River and Harbor bill was reported It appropriates 111,906,850. Washington, Dec 14.- In the House yesterday Mr. Butterworth (O.) introduced a joint resolution to authorize the President to negotiate for union with Canada. The üklahoma bill was considered. Washington, Dec. 15.- In the House yesterday a concurrent resolution was introduced providing for a holiday recess from Friday, December 21, until Monday, January 7. The Legislativo, Executive and Judicial Appropriation bill (i20,802, 245) for the fiscal year 1890 was reported The Nicaragua Canal bill was further conBidered. Washington, Dec. 18.- In the House yesterday a resolution was adopted providing that a recess be taken from Decem ber21 to January 7. Bills were introduced to grant pensions of Í12 a month to soldiers and sailors of the late war who had reached the age af fifty years; to enable the people to choose their ovvn postmasters; to divide the great Sioux reservation in Dakota into smaller reservations. A joint resolution was introduced proposing an am ndment to the constitution dettning polygamy and making it unlawful at any place in the jurisdiction of the United States or of any State. The Senate bill for the admission of South Dakota was made a special order from day to day until disposed of. , Dec, 19.- In the House yesterday tnu .ml.tary Academy bill appropriating $900.000 was reported, and the G 'neral Appropriation bill, carrving nearly $21.000.000, was passed. A bill was also passed to incroase the pension of Jacob Rogers. aged 105 years. A motion to in] orease the clerical forcé of the Civil-Servicp Commission gave rise to a long politica 1 lebate. OTHER NOTES. Washington, Dec. 15. - The Senate Committeo on Military Affairs has ordered a favorable report on a bill to retire General W. B. Rosecrans with the rank of Brigader-General. Washington, Dec. 15.- The President has pardoned 13Ü convicts during the flsoal year ended June 30 last and granted amnesty under the Edmunds law in threo ca es. Washington, Dec. 15. - The exports of the principal articles of provisir-ns from the United States for the eleven iii.mths of the year ende.l November 30 last were $77,147,403, against $79,273,262 during the corresponding eleven monthR of 1887. Washington, Dec. 18.- The Secretary of the Interior has rejectod the claim of the State of Michigan to a tract of land in the upper reninsula. Some 1,300 aores are directly involved, while more than 6,000.000 acres are indirectly affected. Washington, Dec. 18.- The President has nominatod Leon O. Bailey to be United States Attornoy for the District of Indiana, to succeed Mr. Sellers, resisned. Washington, Dec. 19.- The Secret Service Department duriug the last year capt ured $2,117,523 in counterfeit money, 88 plates, 40 dies, 40 mold and a large quantity of other counterfeit paraphernalia. During the year only two counterfeit notes made their appearance, both bcing silvor oertificates. Washington, Dec. 19.- The House Committee on lndian Affairs ugreed to report favorably Mr. Gifford's (D. T. ) bill to amend the act to divide a portion of the reservation of the Sioux Nation of Indians In Dakota into separate reservations and to secure the relinquishment of the lndian title to tbe remainder.


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