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"ivory" Soap

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THOUGHTFUL SANTA CLAUS. " I've trnveled through the sleet and snow, Across the country high and low, To fill the stockings small and great That hcre in line my coming wait. In creenin;.; baby's tiny hose The india rubber rattle goes ; A handsome dol!, with staring eyes, Will much the little miss surprise ; And what will more delight the boys Than musket, drum or bugle toys ? And now, before I climb the ilue, I'H bcar in mind the mother true, Who works so hard by day and night To keep the clothing clean and white, And in her stocking, long and wide, Some cakes of Ivory Soap I'H hide." A WORD OF WARNING. There are many white toapa, each represented to bs " just as good as the ' Ivory' :" hey ARE NOT, but like all countorfeits. lack the oeculiar and remarkable qualities of the germine. Ask for and insisf upoi getting it. Copyrl ht, 1886, by Procter & Gambia.


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