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To Annex Canada

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NEOOTIATIONS INVITED. Washington, Dec. 14.- Mr. Butterworth ;o.) intro iuced In the House at the morring session a jont resolution authorizing the President to negotiate with reference to the unity and assimilation with the Jnited States of the Dominion of Canada, or one or more provinces thereof. It is as 'ollows : "WHEBEA8, The citizens of the Dominion oi Canada are one with U3 in race, lineage, hls tory and tradition; and "Wbereas, The resources of the two coun. tries supplement eucta other and the arteries of commerce, both natural and artificial, are so nterlocked and mutually dependent upon each other that they ought to constltute a single system, to be one and inseparable; and ' Whereas, The commercial relations between the Un ted States and the Dominion of Canada are and have been strained and unnaturally cramped, and in a measure paralyzed owing to the inablllly of the two Governments to establish such a system of international Iriuie and commerce between them as is essential to meet the requirements of the situation; and "Whereas, The coniltions and relations bfore referred to, as also tne geography of the two countries, suggest the impossibllity of a just and permanent settlement of the controversies pertaining to the flsheries, boundaries and trans-continental trade, except by blendïng of efforts and interests under one governmental system, and point loglc&lly to the necessity and probatrility of a unity and assimUation between the two nations under one government; and "Whereas, The bonds of sympathy resulting from kinship, race, language, tradition and substantial identlty of governmental systems, together with a community of intere3ts, based upon commerce and its aids and agencies, are of such a character that such union and assimilation is belng discussed and favorably considered by the citizens of both nations; and inasmuch as it is believed that its early consummation would be of great advantage to all the citizens and sub]ects of the two countries, provided the same can be attained in a manner consistent alike with the honor and dignity of the United States and Great Britain and the Dominion of Canada. "Therefore with a view to aid in the consummation of what is hereinbefore suggeated, be it "Resolved. By the Senate and House of Representativos of the United States, in Congress assem bied, that the President be, and he Is bereby authorized and empowered to Invite negotiat:ons looliing to the assimilation and unity of the people of the Dominion of Canada and the United States, under one government, such unity and assimilation to be based upon the admission oí th several provinces of the Dominion, or anv one of them, into the unlon of the States, upon the ■ame terms and equallty with the several States composlng the Union, and the aasumption by the United Statea of the tndebtednes of the Dominion of Canada, or a just proportion thereof, and such other equitable torras and condit.on3 as justice to the high contraoting parties may demand: and " Hesoletd, Further, with a view to such negotlation, the President Invite the appolntment of commiasioners by the Government of Great Britain and the Dominion of Canada to consider the wisdom and ezpediency of settllng and adjusting all controversias and dlfferences which now exist between the two Governments growing out of the ilsheriea or otherwlse, by such a unlon and assimilation as hereinbefore auggested, eitherasto the whole or any province, or several provinces of said Dominion, surh negotiatlons to be conducted with due regard to the amicable relations which obtain between Great Britain and the United States, and the obligations lmposed thereby. The resolution was referred to the Committee on Foreign Affairs.


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