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The Reed City Clarion Is Enthusiastic

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for Hon. J. By.ron Judkins, judge in the 19th judicial district, for the Republican candidate for justice of the supreme "ourt. _________ Accobding to the Manchester Enterprifie, CongresBman Allen is reported to havesaid: " Willard Stearns will remain postmaster at Adrián until his term expires if I have anything to say about it. I shall make no recominendation of a successor and take no action looking to his removal. ïhe fact that he ran against me for congress makes me the more desirous that he shall keep the place than otherwise. We had a fair figiit for congress. I lk-ked him. I'm glad of that, but I'm not going to do a little more pummeling jast because I eeem to have a chance. Not a bit of it." _________ The significance of a United States afficer walking up to a meeting of rail?oad magnates and saying, "Gentlemen, this thing must be stopped," can hardly be realized. That is what Judge Cooley, as ehairman of the interstate commerce eommission, did Dec. 11, in Chicago. Atd the magnates took the rebuke hurably, giving a vote of thanks to Judge Cooley. The immediate cause of this little episode was the practice of selling tickets to scalpers. Judge Cooleytold them that neither morallynor legally could they sell tickets to scalpers or other persons at one rate and charge other patrons a higher rate. The price, he eaid, that is charged one mus be accorded to all, and if railroad companies are discovered to be making dissriminating rates they need not be surprised if the lowest rates thus made are adjudged to be the highest rates that they may hereafter be permitted to charge. What is the limit of possible governmental interference with railïoads ?


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