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There is new trat. n town - the .Alpha Tau Omega. What's the matter? Tliere will be two junior hopg, it is reported. Tbe California students will banquet in Detroit at tbe Cadillac Cbristmas day. Prof. Henry Wade R-gers lectured in the Central M. E. church in Detroit Sunday evening, upon "Christinity aud its pelative aspeots." Miss ilyra Pollard, '88, has been studyng and is now teaching elocution at her home in Chicago. She has receutly been in Dakotagiving readmg?. Last evening before the Political science association, President Angelí spoke on "Recallsof foreign ministers," and Prof. McLaughlin on "Gen. Cass audthe northwest." Jadge Cooley delivered in the law lecture room last Thursday evening, a leoture on " Prescriptive and written constitutions," under the auspices of the Politica] Science Association. D. Augustus Straker, a colored lawyer of Detreit, spoke to both of the law clasie8 last Friday, upon the invitation of Prof. G-riffln. In the morning he spoke on "Law and law reform." He is the first colored man who has appeared at the university in the role of speaker to any of its students. When the scientlste hied them to Ballygoloo To explore the ereat nver of Wing-chin-aru. The? landed in France and theylanded in Spain, And they touched at iiorts of the Mediterrain ; They hired iu'erpreters by the kcore, And purcbaed books by the ton or more ; But wheu they had anchored off Ballygoloo Theywere etopped at the mouth of theWingchin-aru ; And in splte of all their 'Varslty knowledge,: And grammars, and languageB learned at college, And interpretéis hired in France and Spain And the various ports o! the Mediterrain, rhey had to fall back upon one of the crew To converse in the language oí Ballygoloo. - Harpers Young Peoplc. uovernor Luce put ia au appearan;e bout 10 a. m. Tuesday, in Ann Arbor, ind was shown about the university by President Angelí. He was evidently well pleased with the thrifty management, and expressed hitnself favorable to the proposed new hospital. At 4 p. m. he met A. W. Hamilton, Sedgwick Dean, E. B. Pond, Judge Ilarritnan and Ottmar Bberbach, who are interesling themselves in securing the hospital. Mr. Hamilton iays that the governor acknowledges the need of greater hospital facilities. The following couse of leotures will be under the auspices of the Political Sieoce Association : 1. The Federal Judiciary itg place in the American politica! system. Judge Thos. M. Coolev, March 8. 2. Constitutional Deveiopinent as influenced by the Federal C mrtunder Chief Justice Marshall. Hon. Henry H. flitchcock, of St. Louis, Mo., March 15. 3. CoDstitutional Deveiopinent a3 influenced by decisions of Federal Court under Chief Justice Taney. Hon. Geo. R. Biddle, of Philadelphia, March 22. 4. Constitutional Development as influenced by decisions of Federal Oourts since the close of the war. Prof. Chas. A. Kent, of Detroit, March 29. 5. The State Judiciary, its place in the American politioal system. Hon. Daniel H. Chamberlain, of Ne y York City, April 5. Tbe Congregational church was crowded last Tbuisday evening to hear Prof. Stanley play. He presented the famous works of tbe Knglish musicians. He was assisted by a tplendid tenor, Mr. Taylor, whose singing was greally enjoyed. Prot. Stanley this eveuing will be assisted by Miss Winchell, and will present the American Bchool.


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