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Santa Claus!

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jjsno - - . DIETERLE, W. G. HAVE BEEN GREAT FRIENDS for YEARS Santa Claus has found him worthy of conñdence and has put him in possession of his most secret secrets--has told him what your Husband has "wished" for himself, and your Wife or Child, Fathers or Mother, Sister or Brother, Sweetheart or Lover, anybody and everybody. In each case Dieterle has the "Straight Tip" from S. C, if you doubt it, or if you don't, step into his Store (37 S. Main St, Ann Arbor) and your doubts will be scattered, your faith conflrmed. And (mark this), Dieterle won't let price stand ia thO way of your having what you want. The spirit of Santa Claus is contagious, and Dieterle's is a bad case. Jokingr aside, honest, Dieterle has some of the choicest Designs in Ladies' Desks and Secretaries, Parlor Tables, Oabinet Book - Oases, "Wall Pockets, Foot Rests, Oases, Rattan Ohairs, Fancy Upholstered Chairs, Carpet Rockers, Children's Rockers, etc. Not to speak of such Staples as Chamber Suits, Bedsteads, Extensión Tables, Lounges, Bed-Springs, Mattresses, etc. And, Honest Again, Prices are Down, Down, Down. DOFT YOU SEE that it's for Your Interest to go where you will flnd just what you want, for yourself or friend, at prices that will fit your Purse. In elosing these words of honest and timely sugestion, Dieterle wishes each one A Right Merry, Merry Christmas.


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