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Spice Of The Season

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The Christmas time comes on apace and charity begin to hum. The pret iest thing in a stocking Christmas mormng is a pretty girl's foot. Wiien Kris Kringle comes down the chimney it soots Kris and the children as well. Santa Chus is said to be of Germán origin. His favorito oatli, we presume, is " By Chimney." The pawnbroker knows that Christmas is comiug; and so does the young man and so does the girl. A facetious divine sot so many Christmas slippers that he said : "Do ladies think meacentipede?" A Christmas belle- The girl with the ring in her voice who will always chime in when any thing is tolled. WiTn many people Christmas presents will only come through the imagination, which wiil enable tncmto exhibitgreat presents of mimi. There is nothine the matter with the sjnall boy who presents his mother with a pair of feit slippers for Christmas. He is just a smart boy, that is all. The custom of having a rousmg big Christmas dinner is not only an ancient one, but it is the most universal of any custom known to the civilized world. Tai,k about oil trusts, rubber trusts, coal trusts, etc., as much as you like, but what we want about holiday time is a turkey or goose trussed. - Boston Courier. Rsmembkr that a Christmas gift gains no hing in signifleance by beisg costly, and that to seek to outdo others in pecuniary outlay, sirnply because you have thu raeans, I is vulgar. "Ah, my son," said the minister, " I'm glad to sec you in the Sunday-school at last. Is this your lirst Bundayi" "Yes, sir." "Howdo you like ïtï" "Oh, guess I kin stand it unül after the Christnias tree." - Tid-Bits. Aa Christmas approaches, the young man who has been toasting his toes, and lounging on tho best parlor sofa, tries to get up a quarrel with lus girl so as to escape bankrupting himself on a Christmas present. I Monetabt: Clarksby- " Good morning, Mrs. Gadby. Shopping, I see?" Mrs. Gadby - "Yes; l've been picking up a few littla things for Christmas." C- "I haven't seen Mr. Gadby on ' 'change' lately." Mrfc; G. (laconically) - " I havel"


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