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A Fierce Blizzard

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SWEI'T ]Y WIND. Mostkeai,, Can., Dec. 19. - Canada has been visitcd by a foarful blizzard with a heavy fall of snow. In consequence the train service on all the roads has been greatly delayed. Trains between here and Quebec, a distanco of only 180 miles, have been una ble to get through for awhole day. Two trains which leit here for Quebec Monday night had not ariived there at last accounts, and the passengers are sufierine very much from the cold. Communication between miny points has also been cut off during the entire day. From BouchervHle, a little below the oity, there comes a terrible story. Monday afternoon tix farmers, Vian, LaUamme, Micliaud, Naud, P.che and Trudel, two accompanied by their wives, anJ others by their sons, left home with team loads of Christmas product to bring to the oity on the frozen river. Boon the storm camedown in all its fury and the ioe which had but recently formed began to break up. During the night at various ponts on the ; river hean rending screams were heard above the fury of the wind. Ko trace or tidings of the unfortunate people haye been found and no doubts are entertained but all found a watery grave. A dispatch from Quebec saya that the storm, which has been raging there since Sunday, rose to a blizzard Tuesday morning, and the wind and snow are sweeping the almost deserted streets with blinding violence. The thoroughfares are terribly drifted. All communication is cut off between town and country. Farmers from the surrounding districts here say that the roads are almost impassaDle and ienees and buildings have been blown down, which will result in euormous damage It was difflcult for them even to get to tleir barns to care for their stock. Several people are reported buried in snow. The gale was frequently as high as seventy miles au hour. Many tall chimneys have been blown down and in one instance in this city there was a narrow escape from great loss of life. IX V KGISIA. Petersburg, Va., Dec. 19. - The storm of Monday night in this scc'aon was the severest ever known It extended over a large area of country, bringing destruction everywhere in its path. At Emporia, in Greenville County, a thriving littlo town on the line of the Petersburg & Weldon railroad, much damage was caused. Nearly every house and building in the town was unroofed. The storm was very severo along the line of the Atlantic & Danville road, and near Savage station, in Surry County, a locomotive and two freight cars were blown from the track and completely overturned. One of the train hands was injured. In Prince George County tho wind blew a perfect hurricane and the were so badly shaken that the frightcned in mates sought safety in their (sellara until the storm ceased. Everywhere barns, fencing and chimneys were blown down and tree uprooted. Outside of the city telegraph poles and wires were blown down and all telegraphic communioation interrupted. IN SOITH CAROLINA. Charleston, B. C, Dcc. 10.- Reports from the surrounding country, as vvellasin anumber of towns in the Cumberland valley, shoiv that thousands of dollars' worth of property was destroyed Monday night b.v one of Urn most disastrous rain and â– wind-storms which ever visited this section. In the rural districts dwellinf; house were unrooled, barns blown down, trees ijprooted and teneos blown to pieces. 1 I.SEWHEHE. New York, l)ec. 19. - Heavy rains in Pennsylvania, New Yorlt and Connecticut Sundaj aad Monday caused tho rapid riso of the Susquehanna, Lackawanna, Moiiawk and Connecticut rivera, and much damage was done in places. At Hcranton, Pa., a loss of $75,000 was caused to the Jersey Central llailroad Company by damage to bridges and track and a damage of 590,OOOresulted in tbc i-ity.


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