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The Week Of Prayer

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The √≠ollowlng are the topics suugested for the week ol prayer January (i to 13, 1389, by the Evangelical Alliance: Monday, "Thanksgiving andConfession." Tuesflay, "The Holy Spirit." Wednesday, "The Family and the Church." For parents, children, masters and servants. For ministers, ofticers and members; for Ch√Įistlikeness in heart and life; for increased activity, personal and associated; for Sunday schools; lor associations of young men and young women; for all tornis of church work; for the oncness of all believers. Thursday, "Reforms." For the abolition of the manufacture, importat on, sale and use of intoxicatinf- drinks as abeverage; for the destruction of the opium trame; for the repeal of all laws whieh protect vice; for the sanctillcation cf the Lords Day; for social purity and all other needed reforms. Friday. " Missions.11 Saturday, "Nanons." For peace and prosperity, bot h temporal and spiritual; for civil and religlous liberty; for rulers, legislators, and judges, and for all in authority; for just laws and their impartial enforcement; for nations 6UfterinK injustice at the hands of other nations; for the removal of International and class antipathies and jealousies; for purity In National llfe.


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