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Jast Harried. How loving they are; this g always a ue sign. After the first year sometimes don't hold gaod. When Charles comes i m to you grou'y and cross, snapping iid snarlin, usable to relish the nice din[ir you have cooked, and feels as if there was a ton of pig iroD in nis stomach, he is roubled with dyspepsia, and Sulphur Bit er is the only medicine that will cure im. Whether the fishery ques ion is seUled r not, the tact remaina that America inakes the bpRt plura pudding. The three R'sbtoughi 11 gret, Reproach an Remorse to a treat political party in 1884. The three P's when signifying Dr. 'ïerce's Purgative Pellets, bring Peace to the mind, Preservation and Perfeotion of health to the body. The facetiousness based on Philadelphia scrapple has now benome raiher fatiguing. A Valnable Medical Treatlse. The edition for 1889 of the sterling Medical Annual, known as Hostetter's Almanac, is now ready, and may be obtained, free of cost, of druggists and general country dealers in all parts of the United States, Mexico, and indeed in every civilized portion ot the Western Hemisphere. This Almanac has been issued regularly at the commencement of every year for over one fouith of a centnry. It combines, with the soundest practical advice for the oreservation and restoration of health, a Urge amouct ot intereating and amusing light reading, and the calendar, astronomical celculations, chronological item?, &c, are prepared with great care, and will be f und entirely accurate. The issue of Hostetter's Almanac for 1889 will probably be the largest edition of a medical work ever published in any country. The proprietors, Messrs. Hostetter & Co., Putsburgh, Pa., on receipt of a two cent stamp, will forward a copy by mail to any person who cannot procure one in his neighborhood There are fashionable caterers in town who are trying alleged Mexican dishes on their ou8tomers. f A andreliable Medicinesarethebest " to depend upon. Acker's Blood Elixir has been prescribed for years for all impurities of the Blood. IneveryformofScrofulous, Syphiliticor Mercurial diseases, it is invaluable. For Bhenmatism, hasnoequil. John Moork, DruggisU Tn favor ol banana fritters the only thing to be eaid ia that they are very filling. Pile ! Piles ! IU'liiiijf Piles. Stmptoms - Moisture ; intense itching and etinging; most at right; worse by scratching. If allowed to continue, tumors form, which otten bleed and ulcérate, becoming very sore. Swayne's Ointment stops the ilching and bleeding, heals ulceration, and in most cases removes the tumors. At druggÍ8ts, or by mail for 50 cents. Dr. Swayne & Son, Philadelphia. About this time no tamily dinner is complete without minee or pumpkin pie. Some Foollsh Peoplc Allow a cough to run until it gets bevond the reach of medicine. They often say, "Oh, it will weiiraway," but in mosteases it wears them away. Could they be induced to try the successful medicine callea Kemp's Balsam, which is sold on a poaitive guarantee to cure, they wonld immediately see the excellent effect afler taking the first dose. Price 50c and $1. Trial size free. At all Druggists. Uotil after the Christmastide, tuikey will be in highest gastronomic favor everywhere. A Fact. Among the few popular remedies.that havc suc eessfully withstood the test of a discriminating public, e6pecially sensltive in mattcrs of sucli vital importance as those which concern their daily health, Pomeroy's Piasters rank preeminent. For over five years this well-known remedy, endorsed with the approTal of the medical professon, ha been in general use amongst the people, with steady increasing favor. lts name is indeed becoming a household word. Beware of counterfeits. Insist on having the genuino article. For Sale py H. J. Browu, Dist. Agt. for Ann Arbor. ___ Long Island quail are held to be finer this year than the oldest consumer remembers. Aavice to Motbers. Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup should always be used for children teething. It Roothes the child, softens the gums, allays all pain, cures wind colic, and is the best remedy íor diarrhoea. Twenty-five cents bottle. ______ Eczema, Itcby, Snilj. Sktn Tortures. The simple application of "Swayne's OiNTMENT,"whithout any internal medicine, will cure any case of Tetter, Salt Rheum, Ringworm, Piles, Pimples, Eczema all Scaly, Itchy Skin EruptionF, no matter how obstinate or long standing. It is potent, effective, ond costs but a trifle. READEr "All ihe wonderful and mrculous cures." 1 he unnvalled and peericss medicines." And note the following :- TR. THOMAS' ECLECTRIC OIL has made llie following cures, proof of which ths piopnetors can furnish on application. rootliaclie-...ui 5 Minutes ICaraclie a " Itackacbe " 3 1 tours I-ameiiess " a Da v h Cougrbs " ao Minute . x Hom Colds M a4 Honrs SoreThroat.." ia Deafness " a Days PaiuofBurn.." 5 Minutes Painof Scald." 5 " Croup it will case in $ minutes, and positivelv Icurc any case when used at the outset. Kemcmber that Dr. Thomas Eclectric Otf h only o cents per bottle, and one bottle wjligt farthcr than half a Jozen ol an ordinary mediciac


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