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h(E QeWERS OF OLD HONESTY TOBACCO VILL SOO FlfvID JhT IJ LSTS LO[nIGE1, TASJES SVEETER ThA[Nl OjhjEI T0By3COS, AflD VILL pLEASE n.f ASK YOUR DEALER FOR IT, AND INSIST ON CETTINC IT. zVzy pLÜG SJAIpED LIIE abone cdj. JHO. FINZER & BROS., LonisYüle, Ky. INSURANCE, REAL ESTÁTE AND LOAN AGENCY OF A. W. H AMILTON Offices, No. 1 and 2, First Floor, Hamilton Blook. Partles deslrlng to buy or sell Real Estáte wlll find lt to their advantage to cali on me. I represent the followlng first-class Fire Insurance Compañíes, havlng an aggregate capital of over $8,000.000: The JrHllll Rápida Flre I lis. o.. Tbe Obi Farmer'H Ins. '., (lusnres only dwelliiiit). The Uerman Fire Ins. '.. The Concordia Flre Ins. O., The Citizen' Fire Ium. i... The WertcheNter Flre Ins. .. The Hilwaukee ülcchanic's Mutual Fi re I iis. '., The New Hainpshire Fire Ins. Co., The Amazon Fire I ns. Eo. Bates Low. Losses überally adjusted and Dromptly pald. I also issne Life and Iuvestrneut Folíeles In the Coun. Mutual Life Insurance Company. A ete 855,000,000. Persons desiring Accident Insurance, can nave yearly Poilcles wrltten for them oí Traveler's Coupou Insurance Ticket lsisued at Low Rutes ia the Standard Accident Insurance Companj of North America. Money to Loan at Curreai Ratea. Office hours from 8 A. M. to 12m. nd2fr , u. ALKX. W. HAMILTON, aamllton Block I "j&gB&iSm" Be" H aw K I" !■ I JBtf%3olFiJ&lVÍ wtcb In the worM. 1 IHNkI l!w-yJ!u ü Both udic8'ndKeQtB'l" ESéP' eqnalTalna.OKBVEBaÓ! M WSSZÁomr Id flach localftjcAn scar OD t, 7BsmmQiïUlB& riEE. Howln IhlipOMlblet ft v55r We nHW' r - we want ODo prETy MVr son ín ecb locallty, to keep In thelr homea,aod yhow to thone wbo cali, a complete Une ofour valaableaod very Qaeful BOUSEHOLU SAMPLES. Tbate limpies, as well aa the watcb,we BCDd free,and after yon bara kept them In your home for K moDtha and abown them aothoie wbomay bavecalled.tbeybecome your own property; lt la poaalble to make thla Rreat offer, sendlng the SOCIO OLD watch and COSTY samples Tree, as theshowtncof tb umplM lo any locallty, alwaya resnlts tn a large trad for Híj after our samples ti ve been In a locallty fors monthortwo va tuually (at from I16OO to 8GOOO Id trade from tti aorroondlnc coaotry. Thts, the molt wonderfnl offer ever made Id order that onr aamplet ma y be placed at onca irbara ther caD beaeen, all over America. Wrlle at ODce, and makajsara of the chance. Reader it wtll behardlyany troobla (or yoo to ahow tbe aamplea to tboaa wbo may cali at your bom nd yoor reward wilt ba Doft aatlafactory. X postal card on whlch to wrlte na costa bat 1 cent and after yon kDow all,lf yoa do nol cara to (o fnrtbar, why no barro la done, Batlfyondo and your addreea at ouce, yon cao secure PREE one of tb baat aolld gold watchea In tba world and onr larga lino of CO8TLY 8AMFLER. We pay all eipress, frelrbt, etc addrtnUBO. STIMSON al 00., Box tlt,TOBTLAND, UA1NK LUMBER LUMBER! Z.UMBERI If you contémplate building cali al FERDON WÊinm Corner Fourth and Depot Sts., ano get our figures for all kinds of LUMBEE We manufacture our own Lumber and uarantee VERY LOW PRIOES 49Give us a cali nud we will makt 1 1 .vour Interest, as onr large and wel? K rml 1 Kloek lullj Niistnius onr assertlon. JAMES Tlrl.RKRT, Prop. T. J . ííf.YAH. Hupt. JITTTQ VAVm may Do round on nie at Qx Xülb JC HJriliJtt p. ftowellat Co's Newspaper AdTertiBlnKBureaudOSpTOceStAwherfladventaina -QOUacU tui be made (or lt III MliW IOBIu


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