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An Ideal Christmas

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It was Christmasday; anybody could teil it; sleigh bclls rang out more crisp and clear than usual; the sun was brighter, tho air was sharper, men stepped more briskly along thestreets, the chimes sounded sweeter; the sleigh bells tinkled more raerrily, and if that wasn't enough to convince the most skeptical, he could look at the heading of the morning newspaper. "Hal" cried Mr. Scricgles as he limped out of bed; "beautiful day! beautiful; and, indeed, Christmas; Mrs. Seriggles isn't awake yeteither; 111 got ahead of her this time. Merry Christ " "Seriggles, haa the servant got that fire started yetr "I don't know, dear; I was just going down to see about it. Merry Christ " "Seriggles, I would like to have $5 to give to tho church. Have you got any mouey left from last night?" "Oertainly, I kept 525 exclusively for Christmas. I'll leave the five on the dressing case for you." He skipped gayly down stairs just in time to meet the new up stairs girl. "Good mornin', Misther Seriggles, JJIerry Christmas and Christmas gift." ''Certainly, Bridget, here's a couple of dollars for you." The cook was just emerging from the kltchen when he arrived at the door. "Christmus gif', Massa Seriggles. " "Certainly, Arabella; here's $2 for yon." Breakf ast was eaten and Seriggles presented his wife with a bonnet which slie said was horrid, and she gave him a. cane to add to his collection, which numbered aomething over a dozen. He then took the Street car down towii. "Mornin', Massa Scriggles," said his bcotblack. "Chrismus gif. " "Yes, Sam; here's a dollar for you." "Christmas gift, Mr. Scriggles," said the elevator boy. "Yes, of course; here's a dollar for you." "Christmas gift, Mr. Scriggles," said his office boy in a cheery, holiday tono, which was good for $3. "Ah, good day, madame," said he to tha lady whom ho found seated in his chair. "Merry Christmas to you, I'm sure." "I ara glad to see that you have the true Christian spirit," she said. "I augurs favorably for my errand." "What can I do for you, ma'ami" "I am working iu the cause of charity," she replied. '"I am soliciting subscriptions for the new mission for the natives of Pataeon ia. I hopo I may put you down for $10. " Mr. Scriggles said certainly, aud handed her the money. The janitor and two scrub ladiesalso made successf ui calis. He had to compromiso with the latter on 50 cents apiece. At about o o'clock Mr. Scriggles concluded to start for home. As he reached the sidewalk he feit in his vest poekets, then in his trousers pocket. A slight look of annoyance crossed his face. "Merry Christmas," said a cheery voice. "Oh, how are you, Brown; yes, tó be sur. Do you happen to have a car ticket in your pocket!" "No, I haven't." "Any t-hange?" "No, not a red." When Scriggles reached home it was about half past 0. He dragged himself wearüy through thu door and hung himself on the lounge. "Did you have a pleasant Christmas?" asked his wife. "Christmas be - blessed ! " was the only reply as he flopped over on his side, with hii face to the wall.


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