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INTERDSTING READIXG. Washington, Dec. 29.- in an interview ;he Fersian Minister said: "The pui-pose of the King in sending a Ministor here was to nv.ike commercial compacts o the interest or both countnes. Your Minister to Porsiii had qcouraged ua to take tuis' (tep, and we hope (o open up a mutually valu-' ible interchanse oí commerce between the two ounlries. We would rather Am ;ïcan enterprisesbouldfiMdprofltin thedeveloomentof our raüroads and telegraph Ihan that they should Tall into (he hands of nat. ons at rivalry with as. You must have our producís and you buy them from other people at four or flve prioes. We want your products and have to get them Indiractly at greater expense. You might as veil buy d reotly from us an'i siil directly to as. Our merchants are i m v to bring their joods and wares here. Tliey are waiting to iiear from me And our people are ready to buy the producto i lored by your merïhanls and nventors. We make shawls, rugs, carpets. süks, velvets and woolens, such as san not be had exeept from Persia. We havo large mineral wealth, gold, silver and precious stones. Our dlamonds are fine, and all the turquois used in the world comes from Persia. Your people offer tbings we do not make. The conditions are such as to conSuce to the commercial advantage of both, ïnd the distance not too great- twenty-flve Says' journey. Why should not a large trade be carried on between the two countries in American vessels?" Washington', Dec. 29.- The faot that Congressman Maflett (Pa.) is confinad in a private asylum, the result of overwork and excitement incident to the recent campaign, has called atteution to the fact that over a half-dozon Congressmen whowere defeated for either renomination or re-election have so far this session not appeared in the House. Iit several instances they are reported as sufferin from melancholia incident to their defeat Washington', Dec. 31.- Toreo Treasury Department messengers have been arrested charged with the theftof Treasury notes after they had been redeemed and canceled, and the presentation of them for second redeinption. Washington, Jan. 2.- Telegraph messenger boys who carried dispatches to Senator Stanford Tuesday were made glad by gifts of scarís, gloves, boxes of candy or silver dollars. They paraded' the etreets in little equads shoutin-"Hurrah for Senator Stauford."


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