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Beware of Otatments forCatarrli thnt cxiila In Meren ry, Mercury will surely destroy the sense of smell and eompletely derange the whole gystetn when euteriiur u th'ough the niucus furfaceo. Sueh rticles should uever be osed except ou prescriptiooB trom repntable physicima, w the damae they will do are ten fold to the goori you oau possibly derive froin thera. Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufactured by F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, O., coniains no mercury, and is taken internally, and acts direcily' upon the blood and mucuü surfaces of the system. In buyins Hall's Catarrh Cure be sureyou get th genuine, it ia taken in ternally and made in Toledo, Ohio, by F. J. Cheney & Co. ElPSold by Druggists, price 75o. per botile. Cylindrical inohes x C004546 = cubic feet. "What Drug WilISconrTlicw Ent lish Henee " ? Wicked Macbeih, who murdered good King Duncan, asked this question in bis despair. Thonsarids of vietims of disease are daily asking "Wtiat will scour the impurities from my blood and bring me liealth"? Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery will do it. When the purple lite-tide is Bluggish, causiog drewsioess headache and los of sppetite, use this wonderful vitalizar, which cever fails. It forcea the liver into perfect action. drives out 8uperfluous bile, brings the glow of hcalth to the cheek and the natural sparkle to theeye. All druggints. Cubic inchfK x 00058 = cnbic feet. A Pleasnre Nliareil ly n omen Oiilj. Milherbe, the gnted Prench author, declared that of all thmgs that man possesses, women alone take pleaeure in being possessed. This seema generally true of ihe sweeter sex. Like the ivy plant, she longs for an ohject to chng to and love to look to for protection. This being her orerogntive, ought she not to be told tbat Dr. Pierce's Pavorite Prescription is the physical salvation of her sex? It banishes ihose di?tregsing maladies that make her ufe a burden, ouring all painful írregularities, uterine disorders, imflammation and ulceratioD, prolapsus and kindred weaknesses. As a nervine, it cures nervous exhaustion, prostration, debility, relieves mental anxiety and h} poehondria, and promotes refreshing eleep. Cylindrical feet X .029094G=cubic yard. Bonest. In theso days of adulteration and fraud, in all branches of business and pursuite it is pleasing to know that there is one medicine prepared wbich is strictly pure. Such a medicine is Sulphur Bitters in curïng scrofola; you can depend on them every time. W. B. Everta, A. AI, Chareston, S. C. 183.346 circular inches=l square foot. ' I 'oolisb Peoplc Allow a cough to run until it gets bevond the rench of medicine. They often'say "Oh, it will wearaway," but in mosteases it weare them away. Could they be induced to try the successful medicine called Kemp's Balsam, which is sold on a positive guarantee to cure, they wonld immediately see the excellent effect after takine the first dose. Price 50c and $1. Trial size free. At all Drnggiats. 2200 cylii.dricalinches = 1 cubic foot. The Chinese say a large nose indicates shrewdness, but we soy a red Dose indicates the need of a bottle of Dr Bull's Cough Syrup. Price 25 cents. - - - - - - _____ 5tjacobs cm FOR LAME BACK. C . 3 I CO O O a - .= MIMI( " S S b ï % f 9 P 3? fèv i". , . B - K) s i T ? g " fy Sold by W o VV Drugglsts v u - . V I Dealers 9 ■ Everywhere. '


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