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Siilli roil lor Si v Yenrs. Wife suffered six years from suppressed menstruat:on. HhS been treated by the best physifiians wnhouï benefit. Two bottles olBradaeld's Female Regulator relieved her. W. A. Simmos-, McNutt's, S. C. Write the Bradfield Reg. Co., Allante, Ga. Sold by all drugzists. Pri.i! ring etiquette. "Aw, sir, I understand that you are Reddy Donahue, the priee fighter?" "No. sir, I am Prof. Donahue, the pugilist." - Nebraska State Journa - is warranted, is because it is the best Blood Preparation known. It will positively cure all Blood Diseases, purifles the whole system, and thoroughly bailds up the constitution. Bemember, ff" guarantee it. Johh Moore, Druggist, If evflrything else goes up this winter one t'ning 8 sure to go down, and that is e mercury in the thermome ■er. OH! MY HE AD. The pain from Neuralgia and ita eompauion disease Kheumatisin is excruciating. Thousands who could be quickly cured are needlessly suffering. Ath-lo-pho-ros will do for others what it did for the following parties: Williimsport. Ind., Oct. 3, 1887. Haring been atflicted with neuralgia for the partfour years, and trying almoet everythinjr but in vain, I tíñala heard of Athlophoroe Aiter takinK one bottle I found it to be helping me, and after Ukin four bottlee of AtblophoroB and one of Pifls, I found that I was entirely weU. I think the medícine ú pooitively a su re cure. Ohauscey B. Reddick. Mt. Carmel. HL. Dec 2fi. 1887. ï ha8 HBeï Athlophoro in my family and find it to be the (rreatest medicine for neuraliria in eiirtence andhavinghad itsfanga f astened upon me for th b past ai years I know whereof I speak. Mbs. Jüua OBH.TO. JlSfend 6 cents for the beautiful colored picture, " Moorbh Maiden." THEATHLOPHOROS CO. 112 Wall St. Hl. Y. ""business cards. ALEX. W. HAMII.TON Atl)riiiy at I,;nv. Will practlce in boüi 8tate and United Http Courts. Office Rooms, one and two, lst fioor of the new brick block. corner of Huron and Fourth Streets, Ann Arbor, MichiKon. DR. H. ü. ABITIIT. (Office over First Xational Bank.) Hoükb: 10:30 to 12 m. una 2:30 to 3:30 p. m. Can be reached at residí ih-o. West Huron-st., a the "Prof. Nicho] place"; by telephone No. 97 and will reply to calis in the evening. r E. WILLIAMS, Attornry at Mslaii, Micli. Money '.loaned for outsidc parties. All legal biiaineís given prompt atteution. O. HOWELL, M. D., PHYSICIAN & SUKGEON. Office in Masokic Block, ROOM 4. Telepbone Conuertions, Aun Arbor. WM. W. NICHOLS. DENTAL PARLORS over Savinga Bank opposite Court House Square. Teeth extracted without pain by use of Gas or Vitalized Air. jO, EUPTUKK ! irBmr i EUAN'S IMPERIAL TRÜS8. WÊP Spirnl Spring with gradea preS" sure i t.' 6 pounds. Woru ciny euic t[ nightby an Inlant a weck OU o m adult ot 80 years. L&dies' Trusse ;_ & speciaiiy. iiucloso tamp io H ïestimouials of Cures, measnw ments. etc. EGAN'S IMPERIA TRUSS JO„ Hamilton Block, Ann Arbor, Micb. WM. BIGGS. Co&ktor i Builder And all hlmlH of rU in connectlon witn tbeabve prmptly xocnUa. aa-Shop Or. of Cburch-Et and University ave. Telcphone 9 ; P. o. Box li 18. i FRESCO PAINTING ASPECIAI.TY, AT OSCAR O. BOKfi', DEALF.P. IS All Painter's Supplies 70 S. Mal SI. Plans for Kreseoing fuinished on eppiiciiliun, mm n„. fi„...n ESTABLiaaïD 1851. i Merrill SUre CUreS!} Detroit, MícW. iBIock. . He Regular Old-Establls&ed ykr-MpHYSICIAN AND SURCEOS zSV mffl I stlll Treatlng with the Greatest (Mc, Kerrons and Private Diseases. -NERVOUS DEBILITY, Lost Manhood, Failing Memory, Exhaustine Drains, Ternbla Dreama, Head and Back Actie and all the effect leading to early decay and perhaps Consumption ot lnsanity, treated stientifically by ncw methods witn never-failing success. SYPrlILIS and all bad Blood and Skin Dis. eases permanently cured. -KIDNEYand URINARYcomplaints.Gleet, Gonorrhoea, Strictu re, Varicocele and all diseases of the Genito-Urinary Organs curedpromptly withou injury to Slomach, Kidneys or otlier Organs. No experiments. Age and experience irfl portant. Consultation free and sacred. Send 4 cents postage for Celebrated Works 00 Chronic, Nervous and Delicate Diseases. .-Those contcmplating Marriage send for Dr Clarke's celebrated guide Male and Female, ead 15 cents, both 25 cents (stamps). Consult the ola Doctor. A friendly letter or cali may save future suffer, ing and shame, and add golden years to life. ST-Book "Life's (Secret) Errors," 50 cents (stamps). Median and writings sent everywhere, secure from cxpoaurQ, Hours, 8 to 8. Sundays 9 to 12. Address F. D. CLARKE, NI. D., 3rrill Block, DETROIT, NIIOM.;


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