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MIST PAÏ THE INDEMXITY. New York, Jan. ].- The Haytian naval offlcers teel mad. The forced delivery of the American steamer Haytian Kepublic at Port au Frince on demand of two of Uncle Sam's war ships has been a bitter piU, and in their disappointed rage they have swurn to seize or sink any American yessel in the future found in Northern Haytian waters. The story told by the passengers of the Clyda liöe steamer George W. Clyde, which arrived Sunday from DominicaD ports, shows the mannftr adopted by the Haytians to show their evident spite. Repeatedly was the vessel's safety ihreatened and her captain insulted. This, too, though the steamer was making no attempt to run the alleged blockado into Northern Haytian ports. Of course, if such insults continue our Government will have to interfere in a more pronounced way than the mere demand for the release of a vessel and the payment of an indemnity. Port au Prince, Dec. 22.- After the steamer Haytian Republic had been handed over on Thursday, December 1, the streets were crowded with Haytiams who were any thing but pleased at the turn affairs had taken. AU night long the military patroled the main thoroughfare, singing their war songs, endeavoring to urge the populace to retake the prize. General Therard, Minister of War, had nis hands full iu trying to pacify them. Thursday at noon Admiral Luce and the staffs of the Galena and the Yantic, accompanied by Minister Thompson and Consul Terres, visited the palace and paid their respecta to the President This visit was not made, however, before the Haytian man-of-war tliat had seized Captain Compton's stiip had saluted the American flag. The salute occurred at 11 o'clock a. m. , after which the Yantic, as the flagship of the squadron, returned the compliment In making his speech to President Legitime, Admiral Luce took occasion to say that he regretted having been obliged to visit his capitol on a seemingly unfr.endly mission. He expressed the h yo that the aftair would be arranged upon the most amicable terms, thereby insuring the continued friendly relations between the two Governments. President Legitime replied in a friendly speech, but did not by any means express his own sentiments or those of his Ministers by whom he was surrounded. The Americans remained about an hour in the palace and indulged in friendly chats with the members of the Presiaent's household, after which they retired on board. A large crowd of the natives were on hand to see them embark on the launches, but did not evince any desire to eneer. Admiral Luce said that he was not disappointed. The President and all the Ministers and about twenty laides returned the visit. They boarded the Yantic and were duly received by Admiral Luce and his staff with a general salute. The American Government has 'demanded f2,000,000 for expenses in sending down the squadron and $200,000 ■ior the illogal seizure of the Haytian Republic. The Admiral says that he will uot leave hero until the hard cash is paid over, which can not possibly be for fifteen days. A report is current that the 'French Minister has sent a vessel to MayItinique, where the French squadron ol jfour ships is stationed, requesting them !to leave at once for Port au Prince. 'The prospects are that when they arriva (there will be considerable friction. GerImany has also a crow to pek with tha Government of President Legitime for aving rammed the steamer Camarón and 'breaking a hole in her side. Bhe is now being repaired here. The Germán fleet is expected every day.


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