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Out of the Breastworks. Tate Springs, Tenn., July 4, 1888. The Swift Specific Co., Atlanta, Ga.: Gentlemen - Seven years ago I contracted an exceedingly bad case of blood poison. I tried a physician, the best at command, but secured no benefit. My throat began ta get sore, and my body covered with sores and lécers. Going from bad to worse, I feit that my grave must be reached in the near future. I gave up the doctors' treatment, and with a despairing hope I commenceJ taking your medicine. I began to improve from the first bottle, and in a short time the ulcers healed, and my skin cleared off and was entirely well. One year ago a case of catarrh developed n my system. T'ue physician did his best, but could not cure me ; but two boules of Swift's Specific gave me permanent relief. J. H. Robinson. Kavfman, Tex., June 23, 1888. The Swift Specific Co., Atlanta, Ga.: Gentlemen - I have been afflicted with a skin disease for about twelve years, and the best medical treatment failed to give me relief. I am now using Swift's Specific, and have received the greatest benefit from its use. Yours truly, Wm, Jones. For sale by all druggists. Tje Swift Specific Co., Drawer 3, Atlanta, Ga. New York, 756, Broadway. London, Eng., 35 Snow IIül. The Cincinnati E quirer has ascertained from a shoemakerin ttaat ;itv thatCincinnati ladies oould all wear No. 2 shoos if they wanted to be proud and vain. Don'! let that coli) of y.'.urs run on. You think it is a light thing. B it it may run into eatarrh. Or int) pneumonía, Or consumption. Cutarrh ig disgustiug. Pneumonía is daugeroua. Corjsumptiou is cieath itself. The breathiug apparatus must be kept healthy and c!enr of uil obsrructions and offensive matter. 0 herwise there s trouble ahe, All the di?ea?es of these parts, head, nose, throKt, bronch ol tubes and lungs, can te deüfrhtfully and entirely cured by the use of Bogcbee'a Germán Syrup. IL you don't know ths alrearty, thoasauds and thousands of p;'Ople can teil you. They have been cured by it, and '' knowhow it is, themselve-i." Bottie oti'y 75 cents. As-k anv druggist. If suddenly submerged the stiffest lat at once beoomes diickd-tile. At Müdstone, Eaxland, s proved by iüvestigation, 109 el'ctors accepU'd a pound spiece to o'e tor a catididaie and ttien CHSt their bnlos for ihe bpposition. Piles ! Piles ! ItchiHK rili-s. Symptoms - Moisture; intense itching and stiiigitig; most at right; worse by scratching. If allo wed to Continue, minors form, olten bleed and ulcérate, becoining very sore. Swayne's Ointment stops tl;e lening and blt-eiiing, heals uloeration, and in most cases removes the tumors. At druggis's, or bv ruil tor 50 cents. Dr. Swayue & 8 n, Philadelphia. Ia Nebra-ka a ''Most horrible Oilaujity" is one man daiigermisly hurt and another sufleriug a brok'-u leg, Xftie Greatest Blood PurifieriQ KNOWN. # I I This Grcat Germán Medicine ia the#. III II -ihermest and best. 12S doses of SUL-M II llPHUltBITTKliSforíl.OO.lesathan 3 I; IIDone cent a dose. It will curo theM L U Q worst cases of skin disease, fromM M a common pimple on the iaccM Jf JJj to that awful diaease Scrofulii. Sí SULPIIUR BIÏTE113 is theW best melicino to uae in all# " cases of such stabborn andyour Kld-lll deep seated diseases. DoMneyS are out III not ever toko gof order. VbcU QRLUE PILLS #SULPHURQ Iormernury.theyarcdeadit.,, ornaiPk n.iill W. Ptaee-your trurt inSe" wuat aüs i I SULPHU K B1TTE KS,tt1?gQWUat a"S 1 1 the purest and best#yuuse_, medicine ever made. gnlphn f Blt'.írS ! Vi _.IsyonrTongu8Coated# r m Qwithayellowsl!ckyori'twatuntil yonjg Irobstaoce? lsyour#are unableto walk, orín breath foul and#are flat on your back 1 1 offensiiveí Your#butget some nt once, itl 1 stomacli Ís out#will cure you. bulphurll oforder. üse#Bitters is SÜ,VÍTTKs"e Invalid's Friend. g == immediatelyTTie yormg, the agen and Ja [II Is your Ur-#tering aie soon maile well by II II ine thick.ita use. Rememticr what you 1 1 III roiiy, elo-irread here, it may save ymir udy, or#lit'c, it lina saved hmulrcds. III #Don't wait until to-niorrow, 3 í Try a Bottle To-day! E3 I W Are vou low-spirited and weak,j í#or KuiTt-Vius from the oxcessea "til 2"uth:' ír ro, SULPHOB BITTJBBsl 1 ' W will cure you. Senil 3 '.'-cent Btsmps to A. 1. Onlway C'o., Boston, Mass., for Ijuatituulifalworkpublisheaí Is the oldest and most popular selentlflc ard mechanica! paper published and has the lardes-i oirculation of any paper of lts class in the world. VuUy ilhistratcd Bent olas of Wood Enffrnvings. Published weekty. Send for specimen eonv. Price $3 n year. Four nionths' trial, $1. MUNN &, CQ„ PüBMSHKKS. Sil Broadway, N.Y. ARCHITECTS & BUILDERC Edition of Scientific American. W A preat success. Each issue contain coloree! llthographio platos of country and city resldenees or public buildings. Numeroun enravinfiEíi and full nlan and npeciHcationn for the ue ol uchascintemili4te liuildiiifï. Price $2.60 a year, '5 ets. a copy. ■ MUNíí &, CO., Pcblishkks. DiffEÑTSil I 40 yt-ars' experienco and have made over ■ imMKW opplicatinntt for American and FOP eiijt) patenta. Bend for Handbook. t'orrespondeuce strictly confldential. TRADE MARKS. In Cftae your mark is not repistered in the Pateot Oflice, applr 10 HCKM A Co., and procuro immediHte protection. Seud or Uandbook. COPYRIIJHTS for books. charta, maps. etc, qnickly procured. Address 9IUNN A CO., Pncent Solicitara. Uenekai. OFFtCi: 361 Broadway. K. if


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