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GO TO MONTANA VIA THE St. Faul, Mx&neapolis & Manitoba RAILWAY. A MAGNIFICENT Daily Train Service! "The Montana Egpress," WILL BE INAUGURATED NOVEMBER 10, 1888 Elegant Dining Cars, Drawing Room Sleepers, Handsome Day Doaches, ANO FREE Colonist Sleepers WITH KITCHEN AND LAVATORY THE ONLY LINE TO THE THREE GREAT CITIES OFÍMONTANA, GREAT FALLS, HELENA AND BUTTE. For Maps and general information inquire of your own Ticket Agent, or F. I. WHITNEY, Oen'l Pass. and Tk't Agt., St. Paul, Miun. HÏNSEY & SEABOLT ÏNTO3. S A.JSTJD 8 Washington Street, Ann Arbo. Michigan. Have atways on hand a complete Stock of eveij OROCERY LINE! Teas, Coffees and Sugars All prime Articlen bought for Cano and can ee atlow figures. Our requent large invoices c Teas is a sure sign that we give bargaina in QUALITY AND PRIOK. We roast our own coffees every week, alwaj fresh and good. Our bakery turns out the Ter; best of Bread, Cakes and crackers. Cali me seeus. Uew Advertisements TO ADVERTISERS Alletofiono newspapers divlded into STATES AND SECTIONS will be sent on application - tRKl. To those who want their advcrtisini? to pay, we can offer no better medium for Ihnrougn and effeclivework than the various sections of our helect Lot-' l.isi. UEO. P BO1TKL1. 'O., Nfwspapcr Advert sing Bureau. 10 spruce streft. New lork. BE6TANDCHE A P E ST ORANGE LAND IN THE WORLD. Fr rnrllciilar and i'fsfriptlve lirculnr mlilros ho BARTON LAND AND WATER CO., I.OS AMCHULE, CAL. ., S . ., -v , ,„]wir(i ave. Detroit. Mlch. Sold in Ann Arbor by all dniaglsts. Cj. "" fifiiiuff f {"" ftiTutVr jJSP pCtfuw, #7írTí, LAeuw,4 tu. UiinAs T&aUyui cLtaMV)ikítM ifó W. B. WARNER, 24 STATS ST. mr No better place in the city to bny your GROGERIES Business conductei on CASH basis. No Goods sold on credit to anyone, bot prices are low enotifrh to make it an object for yon to trade with him. Telephone Connections. AU Goods delivered. #fe PENNYROYAL WAFERS fcK?. Aro smcewsfully nsed m-nthly by over 10,000 IkLadles. Are Safe, Kffertuul and Pleasant. 1 #yJ Per box by mail, or at druggists. SeaUd Par. JM ticulnrs 2 postage stanips. Address W The Eureka Cukmical Compísv. FUhflr Block. 131 Woodward ave., Detroit, Mlcli. Sold by II. J. BKOW ..t GO. LADIES, GENTLEMEN, AND STUDENTS The .inl liiKlsh FreHcription wlll restore that lost VitaUty and a Rugged, Healthy Condition follow its use. Buy at your drugeist's, one package, 81 ; six for $5. EUREKA CHEMICAL CO., Detroit, MlCH. Sold by H. J. Brown A Co. "CHICAGO TRUSS." rífete Spiral Spring Truss. Hard Rubber Peul; Clea, Durable, Cheap. Approved oy the bighest Medical AuIhorlty. Worn day and nlgbt oy an Infanta week old or an Adnlt 80 years. EatMv aájmttd. It meets all forma ofScrotal Fermoral, Inguinal and umbilical Hernia, In both Infante and Adulta. Satisfaction guaranteed In all cases. Auy desirable pressure obtained. If your druggist does not keep this Tiuss, encloae stamp8 and tuMress. cnrvcAao tkiss ro., 'hlniico, III. OFFICE AND FITTINd ROO, 112 E. Randnlph SI , T. Y. KAYNE. Managku. Sold by Ann Arbor Druggists. Mn BED ls "n nl'" ln PhlIadelphlB LSLÜ5tlslnB AKi-ncy bf Mean. VER SON. our autborlzed ageotb THE JflARGH OF PROQRESSr OUR LATESTIMPROVEMENTS "Compptitlonlathclifeoftrade,"andlfyou have notseen ourlatestimprovud goods, yoaoannot Imagine how Uvely tradc is, or huw liard our coiapetiturs have to work to keep witliin siclit of U9. Ask your retailer f .r tbe Jame Moaiis' $3 Shoe, or tho James Hen1 $4 Shoe, according to your needs. I'osUlvely none gcnuiiie unlcss haring our nmc and price tanipej plainly on tlio soles. Your retallcr wiU supply you with shoes so stampcd if you ïnsiït upon hi dolng so; if you do not insist, some rotiloc ill conx you into buying Inferior shots upou whk they malte a larger proflt. _fJAMES MEANS1 T m $3 SHOE i oN -tf?iiUNEXCE:1-l-ED IN W C0Ito VÈ.STYLE UNEQUALixa fcUNDURABILmr L4LMESJI .WERFECTIOW ot XXJDF FIT. JAMES MEANS' ƒ1 tej Sach has been the recent progress In onr branch of Industrv that wc are now uble to afflrm that the jamea ilcans'"4 Shoe is In every respect equal to the shoes whlch only a few years ago were retailed at eight or ten dollars. If you will try on a pair jou will be coiivlnced tliat we do not exagérate. Ours are the original 3and 4shoes,and fhosewho Imitate our system of business are iinuble to compito with U3 in tiiality of factory product. In our lines wuare the Iarücst nianufacturers in tho 'shoes froin onr celpbratel factory aresnld bynlili'-awaki' reteUen in all partnol tho rountry. Wo wlll place them casily wlthin your reach in any state or tesrrltory if you wiU Invcst ono MOiTHLY S1CKJN'ES& ssvBRADFf ELD KEGU LATOR d6 If you have anything to iel!. ?■ Urentj if you kav loit any va u i l liavefomui a ''■ thing : if you want rooms, board work or nmilhmg underihe snn, adverÜM It in ' WttiU' cvlumn of


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