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An Absent Minded Man

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"Now be sure not to forget," said a lady, playfully shaking her finger at her escort as he aróse to stretch his legs between the acts, and, turning to lady friend. explained: "He is so absent minded." "Does he forget your letters and errands?" "Oh, no, indeed! He is so absent minded I never intrust any to him. But he forgets me. Why, only last week he went out between the acts and never returned. I went home alone and found him peaeefully smoking his cigar beforo the open flre, quite oblivious of myself and the theatre. I was very iñdignant, but when I began, with tears in my eyes: "How could you go off and leavo me so?' the whole occurrenc seemed to flash upon him. He sprang to his f eet declaring he had been worrying all the evening about something he had forgotten, and so overwhelmed me with loving protestations that I couldn't talk to him very seriously." -


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