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An Effective Valedictory

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"If you would like to say a few words bef oro we string you up," said the spokesman of the vigilance committee, sternly, "you may have the chance." "There is something I would like to eay," responded the condemned horse tliief , pale but self pĆ³ssessed. "All I ask is that you will permit me to say it without interruption." "Go ahead," said the spokesman, laconically. "We'll let you finish." "Then, gentlemen," began the condemned man, with deep emotion, "I have a few words of solemn warning to utter. In the innocent and happy days of my young manhood, before I came to Arizona and feil into evil ways, I was engaged in a useful and honorable calling. Had I never abandoned it I might liave been still a respectable and upright citizen. Though I have become a bad man and am about to receive my just punishment, I have alwavs kept a memento of those happier days. In my valise, gentlemen, you will find a copy of a little work, entitled 'The American Voter's Text Book,' of wliich I sold nearly 1,000 copies in one county in Pennsylvania alone. It is indispensable to every man who would keep himself thoroughly informed as to those questions concerning which it is the duty of every citizen to be fully advised. You will find in that little volume, gentlemen, full and accurate information as to the political platforms of all the parties, election returns f rom every state in the Union, names of members of congress, judges of the various courts, etc. , with a mass of miscellaneous statistics and facts never before grouped together in one work. Bound in cloth or half calf , the price of this valuablo book has always been" He paused a moment to wipe the scalding tears from his eyes. When he looked about him again liis audience had ished. He was saved !-


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