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At ihe meeting last Saturday Mr. Garjzhorn reponed on the meeting of gardeners 'or tbe purpose ot ascertaining whether tomatoes could be raiaed for 20e per bushel for the canning factjry. The report was favorable, p-ovided the tomato rot, which for several years has damaged much of that fruit, can be prevented. Mr. Ganzhorn thinks that the cotnpound of sulphate of uopper (blue stone) aod lime, which bas been used in France and in this country with the most sati&factory result8 in arresting the downy mildew in 'rapes, will also prevent the tomato rot. Prof. B. E. Nichois, chairtuanof the committee on transportaron lastyear, reponed nat he reoeived the amount of bushels of jerries shipped by the Michigan Central 'reight office, but was denied the amount of bushels of peaches shipped in the fruit car which tbe commiitee had arranged for with the freight office, with the digtinct understanding that, according to a resoluion of this society, every shipper in said car should pay a penny per bushei for errie, peaches and other fruit, to this society for current expenses of tbe com mittee on transportaron, which resolu'ion was published in the Ann Arbor newfapers. Ttie excuse by the Ann Arbor reifjht office for nol giving the amount of )eaches thus shipped, was, that soma shippers objected to having their ghipments known. A committee consisting of the two resident viee presidents of the society and ?rof. B. E. Nichuls was appointed to investigóte this matter and to collect eaid tax, of which all shippers had a plain understanding. The following committee on transportaion was chosen lor this year: J. D. ï.ldwin, J. H. Clough, W. F. Bird, B. E. Michols, J. Gaozhorn. E. Baur read a petition to the legislature on Forestry and the publication of a opular pamphlet by the eiaie, treating on )0xiou8 insects and their destruction, to )e d8tnbuted among the farmers and ruit-gxowers of this state. G F. Allmendinger pre6ented a petition to the same body for the suppression of the manufacture of vinegar by Chemicals and for the proteeiion of pure eider vinejar. Both petitions were signed. JL. Baur read a circular on carboliniim avenarius, an antiseptic oil, which preserves and hardens wood, is not inflammable, drives away ineects, ants, torredo and other vermin. lts preserving and disinfecting propertiei recommend it to armers, gardenerR and builders. One galon which covers 300 feet, costs 85 cents. It is Ijased on 15 yejars' expenence in Germany where it originated. The undersigned and L. Gruner, who intend to give it a trial, will take orders. A. U. Osiug, Detroit, is the agent for Michigan.


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