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An ugly complexión made Nellie a fright, Her face was pimply nnd red, Though her leaiures Avere goud, and her blue eyes were bight, " What a plain girl 18 Nellie"! they said. But now, as by magie, plain Nellie has grown As fair as an artit-t's brisht dream ; Hít face is ai, swevt as a fiower new-blo d, Her cheeks are like peaehes and eieam. As Nellie walks rul in the fair morning light, Her beauty atracts every e e. And as for the penple won oalled her a fright, " Wny Nellie is handsome''! ihey cry. And the ream of the chitnge is that Nellie took Dr. Pieree's G lden Medical Discovery, which regulated her üver, cleared her complexion, made her blood pure, her brpaih sweet, her face fair and rosy, and removed the defects that had obscured her bnnuty. fcSold bv druggists. Nine grams of wheal :aid on a fourleaved clover enable one to see the fairies. Ilowto Select Vtre. Good healtu, good moráis, good sense and good temper, are the four es9entials lor a wife. These are the indispensables. After them come the minor advantages of arood looks, acjotnphshrnents, faraily psition, etc. With that first four, morried lif will be comfortatile and happy. Lacking eiiher, it will be in more or leas degree a fallare. Upon good health dependa lrgely gjod temper and good looks, and to same extent good se nse also, 88 the best mmd must beaffecied more or less by the weakness nnii whims attendar t on rail heakh. Young man, if your wife is 'ailing into a state of invalidism, first of all things try to restore her health. If she is troubled with debilitating female weaknessep, buy Dr. Pierce's Favorito Prescription. It will cure her. Nowadsys men are drunk in just about ;he same proportion thnt whi-ky is. Ben'arc of oiiiliiinits forC'atarrh lïmt contain Meren ry, as Mercury will surely destroy the sense of smell and compleiely derange the whole sysiem when entering it tnough the mucus surfaces. Such articles fhould never be used except on prescripiions 'rom reputable phy-icians, as the damage they will do are ten fold to the good y u can possibly derive from them. Hali's Catarrh Cure, manufactured by F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, O., comains no mercury, and is taken internally, and acts direcily upon the blood and mucus surfaces of the system. In buying Hall's Catarrh Cure Be eureyou get thp genuine, it is taken internally and made in Toledo,_Ohio, by F. J. Cheney & Co. ijgfSold by Druggists, price T5c. per botile. It is an ancienl belief that a change in the body of a man occurs every seventh year. FOR LAME BACK. o L ■= ■1 x V X 1 Í5 V ? ir 2 ■ 5 " sr ra O jï ■■ -fc 'á F v t I 83T -1 ? V V Soldby E?, S Druggist 11 Dealers 51 . Everywhere.


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