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9ENATK. Washihotoh, Jan. 17.- Iq the United BtaUn iScnaie yesterdav ao ainciidmont the Tariff bilí tn make salt fri'C was doicated. A copy of the proceedinss of tno Horth Dak .ta Statehood convention ia (avorof tho división of the Torrilory and the admission of North Dakota sm presented. Washington, Jan. 18- The t me of the Senatc yeterday was i coupled n discussing the 'JaiilT bil. The biü authorizing the construction of a br Jge accross tha Mississippi at La Croste, Wis., was reported favor bly. , Washington-, Jan. 19.- In the Sonate yester iay tho sugar bounty amendment to itheTanff bill was passed by a vote of 27 lo 23. ïhe amenduiCQt provides for a bounly of one ceut a pound on sugar pro4nced f rom beet-, sorghuin and canegrown. m the United Staten. Washington, Jm. 21.- In the Henate Saturday discussion of tho Tariff bill ooiCTipied the time. The crcdentials of Benitors-oloct Hoar (Maas ) an i H gglns (Del.) were received and filed. The nominatiou lef Walter L BrafT?, of Al banu, to ba Inter-Siato Cominerce Commissioner was oa firmad. Wabüingto!, Jan. 22.- Petitions wero ! ipresonted n the Senate yesterday for the removal of the present 8] ecial taxes on Iticenses on wholesale dealers and recti flors; to allow women tov te for delégate So tho State Constitutional convention of 'Dak' ta, and pray ng Unit Btops be taken by tho Uoited lítate Goven ment, for the marchase f rom Spain of the Island of Cuba. The Naval Ai'propriation bill was report pd, and the Tarift bill was further disimnad. ; WAsniNOTPN, Jan. 23.- In the Senate last vening the ïariff bill w s pasiedb' a lote of 32 to SU- a strict party vote. The Mate for the bül to go into effcci was fixed tatJuly 1. 188J. An additional paragraph WAs inserted in the b.ll creating in tho ■ Treasury Department a cu toms comm s fion, to consist of fi.e meinbers to be npgwintad bv the President, with tho advioa (and consent of tho Sonate. Tbe li . o comïissioners are to h"U office two, three, ■íour, fiveand sir years. re octive y, not moro than three of them aro to De of {the samo pol tical party, andtheir aimual alarios uro to beS7,500each. HOUSE. Wasihnoton, Jan. 17. - In the House yesiterday a biil was passed mak m C'nluinIbu8, O., a port of delivery. Tho claims of Yerritories to Stutehood wcre discussed. ' Washinoto, Jan. 18 -In the House yeslerday the Territorial bilis were further consideretl. Wasiunuton, Jan. 19. - Ia tlie House yestcrduy the Omnibus Territorial bilí ■was pasai'd as a substituto lor tliu Senate pioasuie by a party vute of yens, IS!; niivs, M20. Tne bill ailmits North unci South DaIcota, Wash uston ani MontanaTerritoies. Thirty private ]ension bJls wero passod at tbe eveniiiR session. Washinhton, Jan. 21. - In the House Saturday the Fortificatioti Ap.ropr ation pill was passed. 'lhe Ford C'oiumittee on BmmigiMt.on reportel their bill. Among other thinps il prohibits the admission into the Un tod St tes of any per son who ig aa ïdiot. insaue, a i auper ' hable to become la public charge; or wiiu uas beea legally convicto I of felony, other infsmous crime lor misdmneancrs; or who is u po yu'amiat. Anarchist or Socialist; or wlio ia affl.cted with any lo thsotne diseav; or who has entercd iut.o tontract to lab r for any one. Washington, Jan. 22.- In the House yesH.erday a joint resolution was Intri (iuced irequestinf; the President to opeu neotiations with Mexico ít the cession of Lower 'Culifornia to the Un ted States. Bills ,were jiassed authoriziDg the live civilized nations of lndians to lease ni ues for mining purposes, aud increas ng the maxiuiutn lamount of international money orders [irom S50 to f 100. A joint resolution was also introdued prohibitin the sule at the nauj;ural ball of wine, beer, ale or other intozicating liquors. Wasiiim.ius, Jan 23 - The time wasocicup ed in tti i Uouse yeterday in considiriing the lüver aud Harbor b U. A bilí was reported that dispenses with the present requiremíínt of a declaration of intention to become a citizen and mukes a re ideoce f flve yoars necesaary before an alien cao apply for naturaüz.ition. OTHEK NOTES. Washington, Jan. 19.- The Deparlmení of State hal been informed that the Japikuo.Ho Govcrnment has abolished the exiportduty nn tliugs, wovcu goods, timber, coreáis, spirits, beasts, fuol, etc. Washingtox, Jan. 19. - The collections of internul revenuo in the United States ior the first six montbs of the fiscal year ieoded Juno B0, It89, were S63,31i,565, an increase of ?"(iS,'Jo7 over the corrosponding poriod of tlie urevioua year. Washington, Jan. 19. - Governor West, of Utah, appeared botore the Uuuse C'ommittee on 'lerritories Friday in opi osition to the admission of Utah as a Btate. He saiil he appeared as a private Citizen, voii'iiiir the universal sentiment of the non-Mormon populution of the Territory. He argued that Btatehood for Utah woultt intrench Mormonism and drive the uon-Moimon resident from the Territory; they coulJ not live there and prosper. The Mormons were neither Republican nor Democrats, their allcgiance belonging whol.y to the church.


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