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Origin Of Champagne

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Champagne wa3 discovercd or invented by accident, like so many other thitigs, says a writer ia L p:nctt8 M gaziae. About Í66.Í ouo Perignon wa ccllarer in a Boaedictmo convent inllautviliiers. Champagne. Providonce had cvidontly markod bim out for that posilion, tfid besiowed on him a stvong hcad and a tUscriniinating palate. The produets of tho neighboring vineyaids wcre various, and, like a true Ceiiedjct, Dom Pcrignon hit, upon iho idea of "marrying" the various trinos, lio liad noted that ono kind of soü imparted flagran, o, another generosity, and discovcred that a white wine could to made from tho blackcst grapes which vvould lrícp far botter than tho vvino frora white grapes Moreovcr, the happy Ihought struck him that a piece of coik vvas a more suitablo stopper than the flax dipped in oil wjioh haj hereíofore sei'ved that purpae. H:s wine became famous and its manufacture extended throughout Champagne. Then he happened upon a still greater hovv to malio an eílervescent vvino, a wine that burst out of the bottle and overfknved the glass, whoe fragrance and exhilarating qualities wcro doubled by this process. At that time tho glory of the Itoi Solei was on the wane, and wilh it the splendor of the court of Versailles. The King, for whose special beneiit liqueurs had been invented, íound a g.oam of his youthful energy as he sipped the creamy-foaming vintage that enlivened his dreary tete-a-tetfi with Mme. Maintenon. lt found its chief patrons, however. among the band of gay young roysterers, the future rouesof tho ïegency, whom tho Duc d'üileans and the Duc de Vendóme liad gathered round tliem at toe Palais Royal and at Anet. At one of the famous suppers in the latter place the Marqui3 of Sill, ery who had turned lus sword iuto a prunïng-knife and devoed himielf to the cultivationof his pateraal viticyards - lirst produced the wiuo which for two eetituries has made his namo famoa amjng wine-drinkers. At a given sirjnai a dozen blooming damsels, scantily arrayed as Iiacchanals, loadcd the tabl.i with bottles. They were nailed with raptare, and henceforth champagne becamo au inUispen-üablo adjunotto &11 petits soupers.


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