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l'lri- liisur' iiursilïi'. Itisan establi-hed fact that the fineM; flre depurlmiMH in World is that 01 Ne Vork rity. Their chainpimi lire engne comp-iny can harneas up and Ket nt of the entine h"Ue incide oí two and mie IihK second-. But this record is slow hs the vrnxvanre nf the gods oomimred Ui the time made ' y ' I'etr Imv l'oroused Pla ters" in curinK Klieni atisin ni Nenra üia Affefi tinns. '5 -em s bny i' frotn anj' dingist. lnu e you selTat "nee by pu chaiiig a plaatr, have it ín the house, and " Damp eold a"d s'orm, Fnini ninht :■ mom, will not bring on NenralKin. Fort-alebyH. J. Brown, bhl. Agt. tut Ai n rbor. P ili-h heli" a min in society, but not when it in on his c ar. Piso's Cure for ConC9 sumptiun is also the best E3 Cough Medicine, g If you have a Cough without disenso of the pB m Lungs, a few doses are all you need. Butifyouneglect iliis easy means of Ijl 3 safety, the slight Cough Kj BI may beconie a serious El matter, and soveral bottles will be required.


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