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Rheumatism And Neuralgia

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Tliese twla dlseases cause untold suffering. ' Palne's Celery Compound has beenaGodrwt. ortmff thnt thpv an lllfflcnlt tf nirp- S0 to For th0 PaSt tW0 vears nave 8ufDoctors admlt tnat tney are ouncun. to cure- {ered neuralg1a 0[ tüe Qeart. doctor alter fsodothelrpatients. Palne'a doctor falllng to cure me. I have now taken Celery Compound has pernearly iour bottles of the Coinpound, and am mnnp-itiv cmr( thp worst f ree irom the complalnt. I feel very gratetul maneauy curoi tne worst yo.i chas. H.Lewis, Central Vlllage,Ct. cases of rheumatlsm and __ , - neuralgia- so say those wlio PQIIIO S een trouMea Celery Compound wlthrheumatisinattheknee -i have been greatly aBlcted wlth acute and foot for üve yeara, I was rheumatlsm, and could flnd no relief untll I ■■ ._ ■..,.. - altaostunabletogetaround, used Palne's Celery Compound. After uslng fük SU.L . and was very oftcn ccnfined slx bottles of thls medicine I am now cured of no USETO to my bed for weeks at a rlieumatlc trouoles." OWN time. I used only one botSamcel Hdichikson, So. Cornlsh, N. H. r i pound, and6was epertecUy EfTeCtS LaStlflg CUTCS. VV fl'nrt dfSplTlvi Palne-sCeleryCompoundhasperformedmany ÏÏSS? ..ÍKritou other cures as marvelous as these.-coples of U aüoy. -KCTadx letters sent to any address. Pleasant to take. ., I o. ..aa Tí,t,i, does notdlsturb,but aids digestión, and enure$1.00. 8Hlort5.0a Drugglsts. ly vegetable; a chlld can take lt. What's the Manimoth testimonial paper tree. ugg 0( BUfferlng longer wlth rheumatlsm or Wells, kichakdson & Co.,Props.,Burllngton,Vt. neuralgia? niÊUMin nvcts Gii fhsler and SrighUr I BmpipnLivinguponLactatedFoodareHeallhy, UlñmUKU Ufto Cdon than any other byes. OHOltit Happy, Heany. Il is Vnegualcd.


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