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I ouii'l l'ead. Ijftt evpning n perou kiviii the Name of G R. Tliutnpsim re'glertd at HuulHotel, aud de red to calle.d in teamn to take th 12 p. ín. traiu lr Cmcagn. Beinj; uuahlp Ui ak-n hiin, the roini wan entrn-d by iraris of h ventilator oveí the duur. when g ntlcmai ai tonmi to hf dend Hi wa adverisiiitf sueni for Sulphur Bitters, whieh has au exii-tisive sile. T'ie c iMDcr r'tururd n Vrdic of deiih fiom bt-nr' diaese. His bo y will bt? el t e ihi itunindiatt-l - Uin. C minerciiil. Bop o Gze ie: Tutb ís ii" tp rit in he minur pie wrheri 'tup branH 1 tt out. "ThÍ8 will Imsi mi a Dlgi.t in Rissi when M'yhtn are lu' je-t tn-ie" he caid, clappinfr h s hand ovi-r his c ii'g toolh. Salvutoii Oil ws applieri, atni li wn tai plt-t-p ni iweniv sec Hids. - P iue tweul}Btb oenis a hoiil ., Boston Goiiriir: Stratii?e 'o sy a mHti keppR Ute h ur when he 8pei,ds tht-m outsid-'. iwN'T SCOLD man for groaning when he luw Bhenmatísm or Neuralgia. The pain ia simply awñil. No tortore in the aacient times was more painful than these tvrin diseasea. But- oughtn't man to be blamed if, having Khenmatisra or Neuralgia, he wont nae Ath-lo-pho-ros, when it has cured thousands who have suffered in the ■ame way ? It has cured hundreda after physicians have pronoaaced them incurable. "Tho ikili at ñrt physicluis eould nut n m of Bhmawtinn whioh liad wtUed b O hipa BMk tul ahoulden. Sointen w s (hspain that sleep u almost impuébie. The Srat done of Athlophoroa gnra ne nltof and tbe third enablfd me to leep forfnur and a half honre without wakintf toontinned it nw and un now well." Kby. 8. H. TROYKR. New Alh.ny, Ind. n Otnd 6 cents for the beautiftil rolored picture, " Moo'l Jaiden." fue A THLOPHP ' 0. 1 12 Wall Si. N. Y. BUSINESS CARDS. ALEX. W. HAMILTON Allornry nt Uw. Win practiet in ooti. Míate am' ünitert atíin Oourts. Office Rooms and two Ut floor the new brick block córner of Hurón and FourO. ftreets, Ann Arbor. Michigan (Offi. eover Kirsl National Bank. Horip 10:3i' . 12w ,. ':-i(i .3::í0pm. Chn bt roHchtd at itsii nc . V i m Ilutmi-M a ' the -Proi. Mrhol lilme"; tj ul ].l.,iie No. 97 and will rrply to culis in ihe evenlng. 1 R. WILLIAMS, Allorix.r ni Hilan, Mivh. Money loaned lor imtslde All legal business given piomp' aitentlon. C. HOWELL, M. D., PHYSICIAN & SURGEOU. Office in Masonic Dlock. ROOM 4. Telpphwup CoiiiierlioiiN, Aun rlmr. WM. W. NICHOLS, DINTAL PABLORS over SavingR Hank ( ppos-ite Court Ho se Pquíiio Tceth 'ximcifd withoul min by use ofGasior Vitulized Air. tiTTi'ri'ure! EliAN'S IMRKKI II. TRi'8 Spíri] s;iriii)í rt;;ii fraileo . u hui I tM 6piu;nt8 Worn iUy ai uiL'ht ' uit ititan h week ol aululi ii' ypar Ulie 'i ruw a lc!iiiiy r.ini-'.v ïtami Icvti ol ('irii. niuajiur inelll-t, tc. IMIHJA TKUtW :o . Hamiltou Block, Ann Artmr.Mici . WM. BIGGS. Contráete? ! Builder Aml all btixlN I wnrk In (■■ceitwH il tt liir ai ■ r mpr( x nl I. $& Shop vr.of f'hiirchet hihI linv.rsity ve. TelepboueS; [',.. Bux lts. _M lL t FRtSCO PA1NI;K6; A KPKCIAI.TY, AT OSCAÜ O. HOBGV, IJK -LU! IN All Painter's bupplies 70 s. Main S!. Plans for Kreccolng fuinlfheri cm nppiluaui n. I Mm ... pn..,n E3TABLI3SID 185L I Merrill SSTS CniGS ! ƒ Detroit, Mich. 1 Block. H Tñe Regular Old-EstaMIshed -HPHYSIGIAH AND SURGEOH gV mS3 II stlll Treating wlth the Greatest SmLandjüGCESS Cliroiiic, Nervous ana Private Diseases. 9-NERVOUS DEBILITY, Lost Manhood, Failing Memory, Exhausting Drains, Terrible Dreams, Head and Back Ache and all the cflTccu teading to early decay and perhaps Consumption o Insanity, trcated scientifiolly by new mcthods with nevcr-failing succcss. Kf SYPHILISand all bad Blood and Skin Diseases permanently cured. -KIDNEYandURINARYcomplaints.Gleet, Oonorrhoea, Strictu re, Varicocele and all diseases f the Genito-Urinary Organs cured promptly withou! injury to Siomach, Kidneys or olher Organs. 3 No experiments. Age and experience im pertant. Consultation free and sacred. Send 4 cents postage for Celebrated Works 00 Chronic, Nervous and Delicate Discasis. ftSThose contemplating Marriage send for Dr. Clarkc's celebrated guide Male and Female, each J5 cents, both 25 cenU (stamps). Consult the old poctor. A friendly letter or callmay save future sufferins and phame, and add golden years to iife. &0-Boolc 'Life's (Secret) Errors," socents (stamps). Medicina nd writings sent everywhere, secure from exposure Hours, 8to8. Sundays 9 to 12. Address F. D. CLARKE, M. D.t ' Wirrill Block, DETROIT, MICH..


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