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German Outrages

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UNCLE 8AM INSUI.TBD. Fan Francisco, Jan. 22.- 'lhe stenmship Al meü.i ha arrived fr m Australia and brmps advices from fSamoa which conflrm the report. of the b.ittl ■ w lich enued wuen the Gorman attempted to land, and in wh ch they were forced to return to their boats, after a lou of twentytwo kille an 1 thirty-two w. unded. Mataafa's loss were ten lulled anii wounded. This wis.n December IS. B th the Ameri a and Brit sh Cmisu. Wt re asked by Hataufa tor advice but deciined to interiore. Itwas an American correspondent who toe k the mess ge from M itaafa to the American Consul, askin,' l.Jm for adv ce. Tamase,e will not be able to hold out apainst Alataafa if U:e Germans are Dot reinfor.ed. The latter has fciven cotice that in the event of more native jiroperty being destmve I he wU lestroy very article of Germán property ia tiainoa, anJ eren destroy t e cattle and cocoanut tree on the lantation. He ia In a poition to destroy property worthiüül, and will . o so if at all ressed. I The thre j Con-uU met to discus the sitnation. but the consultation carne to an abrupt end, as the i nly c nditions upon hicn the Germán Consul woul 1 consent to a settlement of the troubles wu that of the gurrender of Mataafa on board of th Oerman war ships and the disarmingr t his followf-rs. It was promiseJ that MtaafaN Ufe would bo spared, but no g-uraotee would be giv.n that he wou.d be liberated. The Lxm ner prints a long letter from lts correspondent at Ai ia describing tho conflict between Malaafa and the and, in detail, the iirinK on American hou -.v,h and t ie American fluij and the a-saults on Ameno, in r.sidents. It sayn edit rally that the indignit es heapeil upon American citizens aid the Abt cm flaL, wnich were sinled out by the Gei maus for targets, doman i exemplary reparation. It w is on account of the .e th ng that the Germán officers spro. (1 T' ports of American nterference, deemins it udviuble to put in a cuuiiler compliiint Malaafa, the nghtful King, was in an inlreiicliuient ab ut tw mile3 .rom Apiu. He has 5,000 so deis w ill arrned and eiju ipped and has tne syrti)ithy of tlie and J nglih residents. Tam& ese i 4 in posseision of a furt ub ut I SPven miles istant and hit force is e=tin led ata. 000 WashincTos, Jim. 21 -The latest deve O meut in the Samoan silualion haa caued considerable excitcment n Washington M n of both pul tical partie wigree thal the 8 tuat. on i veiy erlom. In an inte view Beoretiry Bayard aid: ■ Tliere s notliing new in tn-diy-s dispstches. The oftlc al ü spa ch eon ern ng the H'ntn; hiis aire ,dy been sin to Ihe S nato. Yeierdíiy's st ry is ii st-nsat m:il ver on and is not V' ry deur. The corresi ondunce sliows ilüit the on is very ser ou-i. The Bcpnblioaa mc-ini eis or tl; S nute C uimitten o B'ormftn Eeiatio'is say that, as ilie Sena h s eonsidcr er n th Samoan si uat on in secrei scssion it vou.d be i discreet for them lo discuss iuM tSucretary Wuitue.v was aiso interviewed. He s id i.e thnu.rlit the time had airiveJ for th.s Gnvein.nent tiet;ib isn an i ma ntain c defin te of poüoy with regard to Uie islnndn of th Pacific Ouean. He u mmended Captan Muilans' couduct at Latunga. The impresión prevals n Cabinet circles that Gennany has exceeded the bouods i f tratern ty, and a nicmbi'r of the Gabinnt remai kiil: 'ah issue -liould be m. de with her at once."


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