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AÍOFRISTOWN, TENN., Jllïy 4, l883The Swift Specifíc Co., Atlanta, Ga.: Gentlemen- Five years ago I was so nnnrtunate as to contract an extreraely bad case of blood pcison. My bonos ached and my muscles began to swell and contract. 1 was under treatment of the phyVician from the inception of the diseise u'ntil I found that he could do me no good. Then, throuh the advice of a frLnd I bean taking S. S. S. Your medicine seemed'to have an i.nmediate effect. I took six boules, and to-day am sound and well. Thac was two or three years ago, but I have seen no evidem of th? return of the disease, and I take this opportunity to thank yon forwhat it has done for me. It saved my life. Yju can refel any oae to me. R. M. Wall. FARMERSTOAB, Tnx., June 22, 1888. The Swift Speci.ic Co., Atlanta, Ga.: Gentlemen- The mother of a member of our fina was afflicted with a cancerou ore on her face for about twenty years. I-iuring tho past few years it troubled her very mucli by continued pain and itching. SI. e used your S. S. S., and the sore has disappeared and is apparently well. Should t break out again, wil) advise you. Very truly, PCNDLXTON, YEAiLV & RlLEY, Druggists. Three books mailed free on applicatiaM. THE SWJKT SPEC1FIC CO., Drawer j Atlanta, G. Tne Emurex ol Japan rvuen y o.ititn ■ni 'I f'imr 8o IMM) Ir ■ ■ 11 R'd C"" a r- V '■ n"-l .' N NO, C5VVr peciaiiy Hable to sudden Colda, Coughs, Croop, Whooping Congh, etc. We gaarantee Acker's EnglUh Remedy a positivo cure. It Mres honra of anzioos watching. 8old Dy I'HN VI.1..1KK. Dlggl'. Dfcamp in tne u (..leis.ntly sugges'ivf ■ iame ui th praalden l of Oiooooali Uu 'ierwvrifnr s' A--'fii t; ., My Wáíe N:uil i-i me lvt uism: liui .ujuu du you -uuf ,t.e we 11 .ve aiü uut lu dOUturs ai,I . no. i. cl, i li, tlio !„., vcaii1 1 t , ,,cr J u-Juut m.uv. l'.i doctors! „ lV . j,a,a Niiitiiug, o, U ave ..ulu, ' wur i ■ S.HjjIm IS tieia n .- K-(it. n M,m iu uur ftiu 1. U Au.jrcvvs, 12 Ö -r-f. B,.stOU. PuUda , ii. a .-. , . . b. = ii., -he Icü 2t)0 i,..,, u.. (J i iciiims U y nu ■li K. y. U.ctiuuUitU mu a'i u, the lol uaVc .. . u u.. lic. ii ,n, uji mUi; t:ie:i i 'i lucilo -. ii ,i ludtp. u-ul tu Hm loilel. D.iujt, fi.jjuji.a.ti Faü currs ciiaig 'llip I 11 L Ü .,ii,i, .(,,„„ ot a, KlUUrj u .t 1 Ham U ur ie .c.-; lellsv, .- jmiur .n uic. i.r s I, g.- ut i,,sbc18 ,i: d .-oie cel; Ur.-ll. _yn „ mul ol l. -ill m , ,[i , r s V.: -ui.-il .i,iu lüe I cl 0 auy u.tlt ui lue n. ,u ; uu u nul w iii e, s t . tui. LJ .-,i „, u uelilitlliM IC pui :i - ui ui.aiti; p . .s-i UiB (ectli uul u.jia.ou .ti..ui,t- (ii „nu , Al.,- i.;.,,. , (,,,,o„ii,y riohfKt ,..,„,v :i, ili onil, U. 1 18 Jt-HIB ui a.i.i ii .- ...ij ilCv-.t, tor u, f li-i UHrtïll y,-rtl. ,, In Mr. e!s ol L'i M niiK-, 1 , duriiig Mriiicu i i+ ' 4 'i ■ f4 WW o Lti ol le.U e8l,.lo I.-,,.,, nvi[lgs. Sa fhs Greatest Blcod PurifierÊ& KNOWN. M I TVs Graat Gorman Medicine iither. II ib 'ítn'i'l best. 12S doses f SUL-W II iJJH.'lU!lTTi;iiSfor$1.00,!os3than "J I one cent a dose. It wlll cure tlicF B worst cases of sfcin diseasc, tromM PJ % C"'nmon ptaple on tho faceJr Jf tu Ijl ro t'nt awful (li-icisc Scrofuh.J' W I JSULI'HCK BITTJiliS is thrff L llbest mcdk'Ine to nse In am " ■ lca?s of nieta Btubiiorn andrnnr i"ïi 11 LJ aot ever taks K order. I s U CLUS PSLLS 4jsulimiurH kuú'Ü'uií ïsiTTKW mauprwlurt ail8 1 j the purest n:d bestJf yu' Ub0 medldue ever made. Sgajpl,nr BÜ itrS ! IJ SwithayellDwsi'ckYfl'TDon'twnlttintH yon KI snbatiiuco? idyourAare unallütowar,orll brenth foul andjflTare flat ou your b;i(ik, offenalve? Yoiir.ybiitpct soma at owo, it Ijl 8toin:u:h Í9 outv!ll euro you. Sulpliurlil of order. UseiWliittcrs is raiTTEKSft Invalid's Frirnd.M ■imiiH'iliatelyyTheyonng.theagerland tot-Ê3 llsyour l r-Ateriiigare xnonmailowv.! by 1 1 II1 tliiek.its use. Kcmemberwhatynulll Ijl ropy, c!o-road here, it may save ynr 11 lfUciy, oxmSQy it baa 8fivea bnndruds. III Dou't wait until to-morrow, E3 f Try a Bottle To-day ! Q 15- Are ynu low-spiritcd and wak I II II 3 Mar 8 ;CfeVinar lr'u the Gxnesflaa 4-1 Bil I #y"t''-' 1' o, SULPUÜU lilXTKBbl I -'win cure jou. Send 3 2-oent stamp to A. P. Oniway & Co., Uoaton, Masó., for liest medical work publislicdr Well Drilling tehiner SOLD ON TRIAL. No Cash Payment- or senlcment of any j kind- until aftor a ' SATISFACTOfW TEST. Machinery and Toolit av I I ' Guaranteed to muke WóHs í j and at the rato of 8 ft. toevery 2 ft. ÍS' I by any other máchica, or no salo. '- 1 THE BEST1 1 wyn Ij THE CHZAPEST. jl , Empire Well áuger Co., ithaca, n. y.


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