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If anj dealer naya he ag the W. 1. I)onK]M Sí10!8 "■'thont nm and price stunipt-tf on tiie buttom, pat hiin down m a fraud. W. L. DOUCLAS $3 SHOE GENTLEMEN. Best in the world. Examine hln K-.IIO (KNIJINH HAND-SKH FJ MIOE, 4.00 HAND-SEWKU WKI.T SHOK. 3.50 PÓLICE ANI FAliMKKS' SHOE. kxtiu vai.iik caív hoe. Sí.85 WOUKINGMAN'S SHOK. 83.00 and 1.75 BOYS' SCHOOI, SHOES, All made in Confrress, Button anii Lace. W. L. DOUCLAS S3 SHOE LADEES. Best Material. Best Style. Best Fitting. I lt nut sold by your dealer, wrííe W. L. DOUGLAS, BROCKTON, MASS. Wi. itilTHAdü & CO., ! i ix NTRERI-. tin i hor. vL Nl'rt['s f'nttnn Root Co. M0&LSx? ' onl o i otio Koot, Tiiiisy nnd Pcunyfl&K@Ë# 'ovni. í, ',-''' '"' ' ' - Snfe, W aatg rffccti'; : i ï' man, orimt? w f trtti. ,-■.■■ r: r irsL'sraT". I anTea a rrMANYf Soi.i in Aun Arboi by ui drtigglst. YOÜ CAN GET IT Calkins' Drug Store 34 South Srate-st. aOSEY iSEABQll ttfngton Street, Aun Arboi Michigan. u' baod .jii.-.i iet.1 Btc t ' BR0C8RT LIP: Teas, Cofees and SuLan ..'i prime A t ■:urcs. Ou bSl we wrïv QUALITY AND PH We roa' oiii own COfl ■.-u)alj mui jíoo'l our bbkt-r turiif ni eïji - mi ot KroHiï Ciitr RTifl prurkor. aii üi New Advertisements TO ADVERTÏSERS A 111 Dl ïnmi uewvtAiK r ili i'icii luto 8TATB AND SKC'TiOXS will be i-ent 011 applkralion - IKK . To iho-c h trant tiieir mivertlstng 10 pj . we eau filter uo better medtum fiir thmtiili ' cfle. live work [han Ihe stelions of our ■wli'1 I l,-a' l.lüla UK, p i:i.' o., Nt'Whpaper AfivtTt sing ureHii. iO ipruoe stn-ft. New Vork. YELLOW 6IGNSyHTÖWTU8S Use ' Peerless Erand" I! Ml IMOICI FRESH RAW OYSSERS Pe!ti"til anct ptK-ked wiih clt-fliiliueSM and care ïiy C. H. PEARSON & CO., BALIIMoPEÏ, MD. The Tfce Best. Ai1 your Q-oier ftr tlwa. Is the clrtpsi nnrt mnit ropnhir (trirrtiflc nrd mech.-injcjil pniier nih'f!hpl and ha ! Inrt'i'f't ei reu lat ion of any pnp r of itn rlnus in the w rr (rt. Fnlly Ilnptr;iff1. !ltst dasK oT Wnod KnvriiTInes. Piii)li.hcrt wceklv. Hend for pp imen cpT. Prioe $3 vcjir. Kmir nuintlii1 trlnl, 91. MUNN&ro., PUBMSHBUK, B1 lïroadway, N.T. ARCHITECTS & BUILDERQ Edition of Scientifïc American. O A crent success. Each Isnue contafns colorcd platos if country and cil v 1 fhidence.s ur public buildiius. Nninerinis ■nynivii gn and full i'!an5 und H'Cc'hrHtioiif fcr tl e ue of iich uscnnterupljit' buildlitfr. i'ricc f f(i t yenr, 0ÍCt0. aoupy. .ML'NN A CO., PCBMSHBKS DATEÑTCil B ui vimis' exp6ifonoe and have roarfA ewt ■ Mn.iOi appllcatlonti for Amerinm anrt Knr ctirti patenrji. Rend fr ifandbuuk. t'urreapundence ' ri-My enufldential. TRADE MARKS. In cis yonr is not remist ered in tho Pntent OflBre apply tn .Mix.v ,v ('., ml pmcure immeüi.tir proteotlon. btnd for llundbuuk, C IVIII(J HTS for bnoks, charta, maps, etc., quíckiy procurad. Addruu KDNN X ('O.. Patenf Solicirom. Gknibai ovncc: 3t;i Buqmvwat, .. f W. B. WARNER, 24 STATU ST. NEWTOflE No better place in the city to bny your GROOERIES Biisinem rond ncteJ on CASH baste. N.i GoxIh f-old on credit to i.nyone, bat (■nct-8 are low encmirh lo mak e it an object foryou to trade with hiii). Ttlrphoru ('orw rel itm x A II Oonds delivrrtd. fgfe PFNMYROYAL WAFERS fWTZ Atp Ruci-osKfully wil rr„nthly liy ovit in.lüU l-JSIiOdie. Are .Wc. KJ)„ i'.u uwl Plraxa-t. H f f j!ler t by mail, or at druicgtsUi. SeaUd Pur. fV -T cular 2 ponUiKe smtups. AddreRS f Fiahor Block. )?1 Woodward ave., Detroit, Micli. - '' .v Ji MOOHR, LAOlt , ÜLNILLMtN, AND STUOENTS.' III. .r.l I HKl'Kh lr'.riili..ii w II is (,re ihal 1 %l Vu ity bikI h Hugifc! Hnlthy ViMi'ttO'i iv.ll. IM. Ve Buy i W dnittr m s. „ne imi-kaKi' l ; six t.,rft KUKLKA.( HtMli Al ((. Ihtpoit MiCH ."Ell by JuBX NiiwKE. "CHICAG - TRUSS." . , Kiu-Spl'fiiaprinu Trvm. Iluril Itnhliei HiH ; lea. '■ Inn.h ci„ap. Approvvd jv "' 'h" h'hM Mt-iiral auInnrilj Muy lid muht ty mi IntHiitH wttk om or nu A.lull Ni pean,, fcVrxitb .3 ; .;■' rl II raoeU a'I kiion ..: ,T..iHi l-'frniorai.lURulaal aii-J L'lilblH hI llfrrim ia _ ;_-p h.Hh Ininiiis Htni dulti. "■"-& fiiiiariloii i'iiiirxiiii'rii :■ au s. Any (ifKinil.lf pn-vvur,. iiIuhuh il ff your drngKKt Oma nol teep tilia Tm. aoelOM auil ii ! " ., I ll'c U;il TKI'NK OFFUB A1ÍD FITTWO ROOM!"'"1Ui f,' H'iiut'-liih SI T. V K iVNK M IKAOKB. Sol'l by vim Arhor irun THIS PAIPERy?'"-" ■r.Vvr.ï" YrER7öry;!',;?rA sí THEnOHOFPROGRESSr OUR LATECTIMPROVEMENTS "CompctitlonNtlir Hfr of rrntlr," and tf.T have nu ieenourlatcstimprovüügüoda, juuuan'not i:n:ij:iiiG liowlivcly tnxdeis, or liow i.Mi ■ ur tjoiiiiietiturs have to wnrk to keep within tltfbl of us. Ask your rf'tailcrf r tno Ja.m-s Sleiui1 $1 Shoo, or the J;imes BIvaiis' $4 8boët ccordhijj tn ywtr in-cdi. IasUivily nno pruuiiiü untoftq navuiM ourtuoM and pnce stainpcd i Limly on tlic solos. Yuur rctailcr vill snpply .vuil wi.U Bliocs so ftcimprd if yon insist oponliidihitrsn; if yn ln iiot hufst, nmc Kluiten v ;11 co.ix jrou In (o btiyhig iiüuiur büul-s uuu vhwk Uicy niake a laiger piuiit. f JAMES MEANS' ik $3 SHOE LCDOSUN EX CELLED IN ïï ou0 ASTYLE UNEDUAUX3 LiNDUf?A3ILITY JAMES MEANST terii CANNOT FAIL ffñ ftach has been the ncent proffress fn our branch of tndastry tliut wo ara now able to aftlrtn that tlic Jamfi Jilean' $4 shoe la inerery respect equal to the ahoes whicb only a few yeara ago were rctulled at eiuht or ten dolían. If yon wiü try on a pair ou wiU bu conviiKwd that we do not exanjrerate. Oor are the original (3 and S4shoestand thosewb tmltate our syntcm ttf bHsinrBs are mtable to coaiwsts wíth ns In qiiality of ftictory produets. ín our lini'B wvare Üie lurgcht manufacturen Ín th Cnited States. S hm-rt f rom ur rlehr ft foctory are oíd by wldtMtwake retaiU-rn ia all purtMof tbo conntry. Wu will place them eaailv withhi yonr rt-ach in :iny ttate or territory f you will ínvest oda cent Ín a portal card and write to us. Jame Ateaus & Cu. ,41 Lineóla 8t, Boston. Hm-. gja'JVlQTfíERS' LPFRIENÜ? 5)ANGE.R to L IFE or KOTHCKCHlLft. SRADF1E.LD. REGULATOR CO., l'i il rT ;V' í t i u lii ü ■ Ski aRfiuiiw!


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