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Voting By Machinery

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Is it possible to vote by machinery ? The discussion of the Australian methoé of voting has brought forward an ingenious voting machine, for which great things are claimed. It would do away with printing ballots. The cst of the machine for each polling place would not exceed the expense of preparing for the Australian system. The machine is said to be rapid, sure, and secret. It is also a ready reckóner. The entire work of the election day, excepting only theaddition of the totals of the columns, is complete when the last ballot is cast. There is nothing in the machine to get out of order, and all doublé voting is infallibly detected. It is. the inventor claims, the Australian sy&tem simplified. This machine was invented hy John W. Rhines, a printer of St. Paul, Minn., since last May. Considering the perfection machinery has reached, there is nothing improbable in tlie idea of recording one's vote by touching a series of buttons, and that such voting may be more accurate and less expensive than any other systein. By all means give it a thorough trial.


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