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Peter Blurahart, one mile east of Saline, died last week Tuesday, at the age of 36. His wife died one year ago, and his little son will be cared for hy his grand parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. Frank, of Saline. The sale of the property of the late Saline M'f'g company was quite largely attended last Saturday. Everything was sold at very low prices. Hay tedders that usually sold for $35 brought $15 to $18; plows, $2.50; caldron kettles, $1.75 to $2.50. The real estáte was knocked down at $50 more than the encumbrance, which is $2,200. - Saline Observer. The Sappho club of Ypsilanti met with Mrs. Prof. B. L. D'Ooge, and discussed Donizetti, the composer of 85 operas. There was an essay by Miss Mary B. Putnara ; one overture by Miss Cheever and Mrs. Pack, and another by Mr. and Mrs. John A. Miller. M. J. Pease and Mrs F. H. Pease sang the duet "While thus around joy hovers," from Donizetti's Favorita. Misses Leda Bellows and Emma Barr sang " Oh haste, crimson morning," and Mrs. Tyler a solo. The Manchester Germán workingmen's aFgociation elerted officers as follows : President, N. Schmid ; vice-president, F. Staggemeier ; secretary, F. Kurfess; ireasurer, C. Lehn ; medical examiner, C. F. Kapp ; standard-bearer, George Wurster; jn nitor, Charles Senger; trustees, J. J. Knapp, Wm. Buerele, M. Schaible, Wm. J. Lehr, John Haag, N. Senger, Joseph Kramer, John Stegmiller, and John Koch. The society hasll-tmembers. N. Schmid waschosen manager of the Goodyear hall property, lately purchased for $8,000. The Saline farmer's club held its January meeting at N. H. Isbell's, and elected officers: President, Harrison W. Bassett ; yice-president, Henry D. Platt; lady vice-president, Mrs. A. A. Wood ; secretary, Arthur A. Wood; treasurer, Alburt G. Cobb; executive hoard, Theodore Josenhans, Gilbert Hurd, Egbert P. Harper, Mrs. E. C. Warner, Mrs. S. R. Crittenden. The next meeting will be at Serenor Bassett's. H. D. Platt will read a paper on "Petroleum and its products." Mrs. C. Warner will read an essay. Tpsilanti. One of our festive yoiyig ladies aired a bran new Canadian cutter Monday. In general appearance it dates back to the ark. Last Thursday evening, about seven o'cloik, a young servant girl was grossly assaulted by a colored man, on Forestave. The girl's screams brought assistance and the man fled. The girl claims she can identify her assailant. The city fathers are in a hurry to have the houses numbered as an initiatory step towards the free postal delivery which they wish to establish before the 4th of March. Our Deraocrats are bound to leave their footprints on the sands of time in Ypsi. The Eastern Michigan poultry breeders' association will hold its second annual meeting in Arcade building, Huron st., Feb. 12-16. This association's meeting was so interesting last year, that no doubt there will be a larger attendance and fuller exhibition this year. President Sill entertained the members of the State board of education and the faculty at his pleasant home on Forest-ave., one evening last week. Perry Powers, of Cadillac, forir.erly of this city, the new member of the board, was present and greeted many old friends. A Mr. Thurman, of Detroit, who, it is alleged, was enroute for California, was enticed into a vacant billiard room, Friday night, by Ed. Lemly and Herbert Benedict, drugged and robbed of $600. These two men have not borne enviable reputations heretofore, and are now among "the missing." Milán. On Thursday evening last a man succeeded in eluding tbe watching officers and got into the Howard barn, and now holde the fort to care for the stock. The small-pox scare is a bonanza for the doctors. People come in by loads to be vaccinated. Wonder if the doctors did not start the scare? Milan's clergy say that the reason why they did not teil the council to follow the Odd Fellows advice was because they try to get people to go the other way, and it would have looked inconsistent. But the twinkle in their eye betrayed their desire, though they tried to conceal it. Pittsfleld. Many of the children in this vicinity here been recently vaccinated. Mrs. Henry DePue gave an entertainment Saturday evening last for the pleasure of her guests, George and Irma Hadzeits, of Detroit, who were spending a few days of their winter vacation with her. Brldjfewater. Henry Katner died, Jan. 21, of neuralgia of the heart. He was eighty years of age, and was one of the pioneers of Bridgewater. He bought his farm at governmeut price, cleared it up, and established himself a comfortable home, where he lived until he died. He leavis a wife and four children, six grand-children and one great grandchild. He was highly respected by his neighbors, and was an honest energetic man. Chclsen. Dr. R. B. Gates is recovering from his recent severe illness. M. J. Lehman made a professional trip to Ypsilanti on Wednesday. H. S. Holmes' new residence, the finest in Chelsea, is nearly completed. Special meetings arebeing held every evening this week in the M. E. church. Alonzo Conkright has returned from South Lyon, to his old home in Chelsea. W. J. Knapp is considering the question of erecting a brick block on the site of the recent fire. Mr. Milo A. Shaver, of Chelsea, and Miss Clara Whippte, of Lima, were married Jan. 17, by Rev. J. E. Reilly. Miss Nickle, of Canada, who has during the past week been the guest of Mrs. Arthur Congdon, left for home on Wednesday. Mrs. W. E. Depew, who has been attending her father during his late illness, will return to her home at Alpena in a few days. JaB. L. Gilbert is in Detroit, serving asclerk of the committee that is investigating the Rentz-Dickerson contested election case. Merrit Conkright started Wednesday for the .Paciñe coast. Merrit is bound to seesoinething of the world, whether he linds any thing to do or uut. W. E. Depew, of Alpena, is spending a lew clays ainong hls Cuelsea Inends, on his way to Laiisiu to argue several cases bbl'ore the Supreine Court. WUituiore Lakc. Whitrnore Lake now has two hoop factories. There was nice skating last week' but ISuiiday's snuw storm spoiled it. VVm. Otto, an oíd and much respected citizen ui .Nunhneld and township treasurer, died Jasi tiaiuruay, of tsoiienïug of tuu braiii. A box social will be given at the resideiice of irleuiy "iiicliney, Friday evening, and ouc at VVm. ivaiie'b one week lioui Jb'nday. The case of JN'orthtield vs. Edward Laveudar waa decided last week m lavor oi ihe townuhip. Xlio fence must go bacK out ot the rotd. We hear of sonie youug men who are billeny upposed lo puker piaymg lur money, anu llus laci, 'causea aouie üiaturOance m town laiely. The excelsior lyceum decided at its laat meeting not lo eseabüoh capital punishuieni in Michigan. Xney will üeciae öiUurday evening whclher we snall annex Oanaua lu tne Uniled ft uu es. A Toledo ice dealer was here last Saluriiay, 10 see abuut the prospecls lur an ice erop. He wuuld witü a lair shuw start an indusiiy nem mat wuuld be of vast beneht 10 us, vvimout auy aid lrom our ciuzene; but as il is he can't buy nor rent auy land within a unie of the railroad. Saline. Frank Inward is very ïü. Old Mrs. Kelley and C. B. Roselle are both very ill. Kobert Brooks, of Dakota, is visiting old Iriends here. Wm.Bartlett, of Clinton, is a guest of J. W. Huil and family. Milton Reynolds bas been quite sick for some time, but is now improving. Rev. Gallup preaches bis farewell sermón to the people of Saline Sunday, Jan. 27. A. J. Warren went to Detroit Monday to see about costurnes etc. for Queen Esther. S. Miller, a normal student, was the guest of his aunt, Airs. Davidson, over Sunday. Miss Agnes Gillen, of Grand Rapids, has been making a short visit with her friends here. Mr. and Mr?. Win. Emmert, of Flint, are guests of Mrs. E's parents, Mr. and Mrs. D. Nissly. Mrs. Frank Clarke's brother, a student at the Ypsilanti business college, spent Sunday with her. Miss Florence Ruikman entertined four of her friends - young ladies from the normal - over Sunday. Dr. Harry Nichols left Monday of this week for Florida. The doctor's health has not been good lor some time, and he hopes to recruit it by a change of climate. G. J. Nissly exhibits 100 fine fowls at the poultry show at Bay City this week. His eterprise should resnlt in the capture of not a few of the prizes, as it did at the Detroit exhibition lately.


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