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The Gentler Sex

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Rachel Foster. the woman suffraglst, has beoonie Mrs. Cyrm M. Avery. Mrs. Humphrey Ward. authorof "Eobert Elwnere. conteniplutes a visit to the United States. Mme. Marie Rose is as devoted to her do.;s as Sarah Bernhardt is to her mora formidable pet. Lady llerbert, of England, says that In ten years Washington wilJ be the handsoraerf eity in the world. Froken Carolina Niderstrom. the first Swedish woman doctor, is eruployed aa an examiner by an insurance cornpany. There are over a thowsand wonien and girls in Pittsburg vho work in the iron milki. prtncipally engaged in niaking barbed wiro. Fraulein Von Domming, who received her training in Philudclphia. ia now a practicing dentist m Wiesbaden and lias a very largo practice. Mary 13. Clay.of Kentucky, the daughter of Cassius M. Clay, isa vice presidendent of the National Vvoman's Sufïrage association and a liepublican. The late dowager duchess of Hamilton was a very clever woman and had the whole Becret history of Europe at her finger ends during the Second empire. Dr. Jennie McCowen, of Davenport, Ia., is the author of "Clinieal Cases of Inebriety in Women," which has attracted considerable professional attention. Miss Sterling, an English captain in the Salvation army, has beon condemned to 100 days' imprisonment for converting children under age at Orbe, in Kwitzerland. Queen Victoria is mourning the loss of her housekeeper, Mrs. Hutchinson, who has just died at Windsor castle. Mrs. Hutchinson had been with the queen twenty-five years. Mrs. Nathan Appleton, of Boston, is at the heail of a movement to present a statue of Washington to the French government as the gift of the women of America. The workingwomen of England are forruing into trades unions. Some of these organizations are already of considerable strcngtii and they are all growing rapidly. Mrs. Sara W. Cates, of Kansas City, boa a fortune estimated at $10.000,001), which all carne fromasucct sful venture in real estáte- a bit of land which cost her busbaad $3.000, The number of female medical students entered in Paris thia term is 114. of whom ninety are Cusóun, twelve I'rench, and eiht English, with one American, ono AiiNiriun. one Greei and one Turk. Vvrani'ii ;:rc making themseJ vee known in the realui of seience. The New Lnland MeteoroloLical Bociety listencd last month to u paper by Miss Marión Tulboí, ia which that lady described series of delicate experimenta nhe has been making to d termine the amount of organio matter ii the air. The newest institution for woman's especia] benefit ü a school of carpentry which has boen estabiished in the cld urjversity town of Cambridge, Mass. Carpentry la taught thorou;;hly, not as a trade bo much as a means of developiiiij manual dexterity. 1 be institution ia rua :i connection i;h an educational ebtablishment, and the Ktudents devote ono day each week to the wor!:, cuttin, shaving. sawing, boring and hammerin in truo workmanlike maiimr.


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