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Rev. W. S. Studley is in Detroit. Eva M., wife of Orin 3. Negu=, of the Third ward, died Jan. 15. Randall is decorating the interior of the Episcopal church in Dexter. Wm. Looker looks happy. Whv? Baby girl, last Saturday evening. Henry Frank, of Saline, has purchasec George Clarkens' saloon business. William Robinson ; tramp; disDrderly 90days in Detroit house of correction. Prof. H. W. Rogers will deliver anaddress at the M. E. church next Sunday evening Rev. J. W. Bradshaw or Sunday had an addition to his fatcily of a young daughter. John Weber ; disorderly ; six months Detroit house of correction ; Justice Frueauff. The Chequamegons play at the swel opening of the Light Guard hall in Jackson tonight. Krueger's picture of the city fathers and city officers, in Watts' show window is a good one. The Vigilant hose company No. 2 hac a maqiierade party Tuesday evening in Firemen'8 hal!. John Lucas feil from a scaffold on the high school building, last Thursday, an(i his arm was brnken. A big vaccination boom is on in Ann Arbor. One druggist claims to have sold 850 points or, Monday. Bert Kimberling, a molder, imitated Toofany brothers on a. small scale, and is no more in Ann Arbor. The Knigbts Templars will in the spring, erect a club house on an island in Strawberry lake. It is to be 14x28 feet. Mrs. Anna Watrous, of Kiasley, K., daughter of T. F. Leonard, of Ann Arbor, died of typhoid fever on Tuesday. The pomological society will meet Feb. 2. Addresses by John W. Williams, of Webster, aud Prois. Steere and Spalding. Married. Tuesdny, Jan. 15, W. Guy Beals, M. D., ar,d Miss Ida A. Morrish, at Hillsborough, New Mexico. Home at Hillsborough. Randall shipped a beautiful etching, elegantly framed, to Pi of. Payne, Nashville, Tenn., this week, a gift from an Ann Arbor friend. Justice Pond united Waker H. Newton, of Chelsea, and Mrs. Mary N. Field, ot Jackson, in holy bonds of matrimony yesterday morning. A study of roses, by Miss Aüce Hunt, has been placed on exhibition in the Detroit museum of art, - a fiattering compliment to the artnt. The pastor of the Presbyterian church will next Sabbath evening discoursc on the popular saying: "I will not believe what I cannot understand." Rev. J. W. Bradshaw, pastor cf the Congregational church, will address a gospel temperance meeting at Cropsey's hall, Sunday af ternoon at 3 o'clock. A Winchell chapter cf the Agassz association has been started by high school gtudents, and named in honor of Prof. Alexander Winchell of the uaiversity. A fruit-grower near Ann Arbor says the famous Uuthbert raspberry will soón be entirely destroyed, by an insect which bores into its wood and deposits its eggs. A love feast will be held in the M. E. church next Sunday morning at 9 o'clock, and will be followed by a sacramental service at 10:30. Preaching in the evening. The Knights of Pythias will be 25 yenrs old, Feb. 18, and the lodge here will celébrate it appropriately. The Ann Arbor lodge is taking in new members at every meeting. The Dundee gas wel!, in which Justice Frueauff is interested, im't in exactly the right spot. It is thought that gas must by near there, and the company may bore elsewhere. C. H. Major, formerly of Buffalo, N. Y has been engaged by H. Randall to manage his wall paper department. Mr. Major will remove his family to this city in the spring. The young people's society, of the Presbyterian church give a social next Saturday evening to the S. C. A. of the U. of M. and all the young people's societies of the different churches. Prof. M. W. Harrington kindly invited The Register employees to peek through the big telescope at the observatory Tuesday evening, and about 17 people availed themselves of the privilege. Jumes McGraw was arrested for begging in the etreets, and was given two days in the county jail, Jan. 21. Thomas Maroney was drui.k in the streete, and Justice Pond gave him ten days. At the meeting of the state milleis' aseociation in Jackson laat week N. J. Kyer of (his city, was chosen one of the delegates to altend the meeting of the winter wheat millers' association at Indianapolis Alvin H. Dodsley brought the The Register office samples of Willow Twig apple, as large, beautiful, and perfect apples as ever were se.en. He ali0 left samples of Bes. Davis and Geuetins, all of which he purchased recently in Missouri. Mrs. Mabel Lowery, wife of George N. Lowery, and daughter of Mr?. Anderson, cf E. Madison st., died on Sunday at the age of 21, of child birth. The babè a girl, will live. Rev. W. W. Ramsay,'of Detroit, carne ye,terday to conduct the funeral gerices. Mr. Sunderland will begin next Sunday evening a feries of lectures on " Robert Lomere and its problema." The opeuing lecture will be introductory, upon the story, with comments and criticisms. In the morning Mrs. Sunderland will speak on " Proofs of religión found within the human soul." The property, consisting of the house with its content owned by Mrs. Friend, and the barn and stook of Wm. E. [loward, all attached by the Electric Sugar Company, was ye6terday given back into the poeession of the owner3 and receipted for by W. H. Hack, of Miian. In the case of Maria Larzalere against Frank Kirchgessner, of Clinton, the plaintiff secured a judgement of $4,000 n the Adrián circuit, beeause the defendant sold liquor to plaintiff's husband, who was killed while going home intoxicated. The decisión has been reversed in the supreme court, and C. R. Whitman, of Ann Arbar, was attorney for Kirchgessner. Next Tuesday evening Mrs. Sunderland will speak before the Webster Farmer's club, in the Webster Congregational church, on " Books and Papers.' The Glee club will furnish music. Miss Blanche Butler will give a recitntion ; R. C. Reeve, a paper ; and E. A. Nordman and I. C. tíackus will lead in the discussion on " What are the climatic efiFects of the forests upon the soil?' Next Monday evening the prograrame for Unity Club is to be a Reinecke song concert. Rrinecke's songs are to be sung in appropriate costumes, accompanied by suitable action. The evening is in charge of Miss Charlotte Bulls and Mi-g Gertrude Sunderland, assieted by Miases Jacobs, Ball, Cole, Seymore, Armstrong, Whitman, and Vollaod, and Messrs Watts, Haine, Herr, Rice, and Dodsley, singers, and Miss Snauh and Miss Falconer accompanists. In the circuit court, Jan. lf!, Elizabeth Smalley was granted a divorce (rom J. Smalley. Oü Jan. 17, a decree was grant ed for dissolution of "The Saline Manufacturing company." Jan. 18, James Tolbert vs. Augustus W. Britton et. al.; motion to quash dismissed with costs of $5 00. Jan. 10, in case of Sarah A. Coie vs. L. 8. & M. S. R. R. Co.; motion for new trial was denied. The Electric Sugar Refining Co. vs. Olive E. Friend ; motion to cancel levy on the eround of trespass denied. Same with the case of W. H. Cottrell and James N. Robertson vs. Olive E. Friend. David W. Simons, executor of the last will and testament of Simon S mons, deceaed, vs. The Ypsilanti Paper Co.; motion for new trial denied. The Germán workingmen's society, Monday evening, elected John Mayer, jr., president; Charles Binder, lst vice-president; John Walz, 2nd vice-president; John Mayer, sr., secretary; Emanuel C. Spring, corresponding secretary; John Geo. Koch, treasurer; Christian Lutz, cashier ; and Fred. Schmid, Eugene K. Frueauff, Eugene Oesterlin, Jacob Fischer, August Hintz, Gottlob Luick, George F. Luiz.trustee?. Theassetson Jan.l,were $2906.1)6, a gain of $123.86 in one year, and the membership increased 11. The amount paid out in sicW benefits in the last six months of 1888 was $146. One death in 1888 of Louis Gerstner, whose widow received $L40. The income of the society in 1888 was $722 47, and the expenses amounted to $649. On Monday, Officer Nelson Sutherland went to Milán with a writ of attachment, and breaking into the barn on the farm of Wm. E. Howard, of electric augar fame, aitached all its contents on bebalf of W. H. Coltrell and the creditors of the company. The Detroit Free Press of yesterday said: "Mrs. Olive Friend, of electric Migar fame, left Windsor at 9 o'clock on Monday evening last in company with a gentleman for Ann Arbor. Mrs. Friend and her father-in-law, Mr. Howard, came to Windsor on January 7, nd have since occupied room9 51, 53 and 55 at the Crawford House, where Mr. Howard still remaine. Mrs. Friend was heavily veiled and drove to the depot in a close carringe. Her eompanion purchased tickets in Detroit for Ann Arbor. During their sojourn at the Crawford House Mr. Howard expres-ly stipulated with Landlord MoFalaoe that no one but hotel attaches shouid be shown to their rooms." Prof. Alf. Hennequin, late of Arm Arbor TJniversity, gave a French reading 'ram the plays of M l:ere, the Freneh Shakspeare, at the residtioe of Hon. G. V. N. Lothrop, last evening. The reading was the first of a series of ten whieh the professor will give during the winter at the houses of prominent patrons of letters, :he next being announced to be held at ■he reeidence of Mrs. Eugene Gibbg, 60 Erskine street. Among those present last evening were Levi L. Barbour, E. C. Skinner, Jesse Smith, Geo. H. Lothrop, tór. and Mrs. Alfred Russell, Mesdames E. T. Holden, George Russell, E. 8. Barbour 3scar Le Seure, A. G. Lindsay. Whit)ack and Turner, and the Miases Lothrop, jarnpbell, Parker, Liggett, Shearer and Griffin. Those present were moatly membersofthe French Club, which exsted last winter, and which passed many ileasant evenings under the leadership of 3rof. Hennequin. - Free Press, Jan. 22. Harkins and Granger, of Ann Arbor, assisted entirely by local talent, will givé an entertainment in Chelsea tonight, and n Ann Arbor Saturday evening. The )ills announoe "a select company of comedians, vocalists, and musicians in a program selected for this evening of refining ind unrestrained festivity." Harkins and Granger will appear in their original Gernau creation, " Wee Dwins." Hangsterer and Schumscher will give a burlesque rapeze act. George Parker v ill introduce 'funny saying?, quaint, queer, and quizzical." C. Tretis, banjoist. and Profs. Hoig and Eisenberg, with zithers and guitars, will entertain the audience. C. Mathews will appear in a farce "Have a Card." Mr. Arinstrong, the cartoonist, will introduce he "great men of the past and present." f. E. Harkins will ■ give some specially songs. The "big quartette,"- Slatthews, . arker, HangsterlerandSchumacher, will dance in a barn. Charles Gibson wül appear with a harp ; and Mr. St. James will sing some sentimental songs. E. Come will give an exhibition of " club swinging extraordinary, aasisted by the Chequamegons." For particulars see small bilis. The Detroit Free Press of Jan. 22 had hefollowing: "The quarterly meeting of the convocation of Detroit, of which Dt. Earp, of Ann Arbor, is president begins next Friday morning, in Grace church. The convocation will meet for divme services st 10:30. it being the festival of the conversión of St. Paul. The sermón will be delivered by Rbv. R D Brooke, of Monroe, the varioug clergymen of the dioeeie taking part in the seice. After services the convocation will adjourn for lunch to the Sunday school room ia the basement, reassemblmg at '2 p. m. for the transaction of business. The delegates to the last convention of the Diocese of Michigan will be the delegates entitled to a vote in the convocation. The chief matter of interest to be considered is the missions in the southern tier of counties of the state. A división of the Diocese of Michigan into convocations was made only last June at the convention held in Jackson, and had for its objects the relieving of the bishop of much detail work and the furtherance of missions."


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