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Real Estate Transfers

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Ancil Williams to Margaret Hochstadt, Ypsi $500 E. W. Baron to D. A. Post, Augusta 20 G. S. Wneeler et al. to C. S. UUey, Salem... 187 D. E. Culver lo Eciron Clark, York 1 600 Micah Noron to Amos Bullard, Sharon... 50 W. Mar-hall to Amos Bullard, Sharon 50 Edwin Lamb to Amos Bullard. Manchester jog Amos Bullard to C. A. Bullard, Manchester 5oo Thos. Shaw to W. F. Riemenschneider, Chelsea 2.000 F. M. Koch (by adm.) lo Chas. Koch, Scio '375 Dan'l Koch (by adm.) to Chas. Koch, Scio 375 Catherine Ring to M. C. R. R. Co.. Ypsi 15 Guy E. Davis to E. A. Wallace, Ypsi 3 000 Ueo. Staebler to Caspar Waguer, Aun Arbor 350 Diana E. Wheaton toEllaBrightbill, Vork 2 400 J. G. Gerbach to John Gerbach, residue of eslate Ludwig Scherdt to Johu Fiuerbacher, Freenom go Thos. Mary Kelly, Chelsea ".'.'.'.'. 1 Lucy W. S. Morgan (by ex.) to H. T. Morton, Ann Arbor 1 R. A. Glasier et al. to Maria Glasier, Ann Arbor j John Schaible to Julia Schaible, Sharon"! 2 000 J. J. Fisher (by adm.) to Dora C. Frie, Ann Arbor 800 D. A. Post to Jennie E. Post, Ypsi 1,000 Hudson T. Morton to John Geddes, Ann Arbor j 00O