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A"aiĆ¼ our business men are caused to regret the sudden disappearance of a temporary cilizen of Ann Arbor, who did not forget to leave behind numerous unpaid bilis. Fred. O. Merrifield, a student from Ottawa, 111., is the party in question, and at least one of the transaciions in which I he engaged was suffieiently tricky to be of a criminal nature. Some time since he induced J. M. Stafford to indorse a note for him for $40, leaving with him as 8ecurity a Kichmond, Va., library bond of the face value of $500, and representing that it was worth its face value. Mr. Stafford investigated the bond and found that it had no market value. The note then coming due, he notified MerriBeld that he must pay it or be arrested for obtaining mouey under false pretenses. This Merrifield promised, but iostead he quietl left the town for parts uuknown. Mr. Stafford will pay the note, but unless the money is returned to him, will prosecute Merrifield. Among his studant friends MerriSeld borrowed money ex'ensively, amounting in all to over $100. The others who mourn his flight are Chas. O. Brush, $10; Mrs. Halleck, $40; Chas. Fox. $6; Cook House, $12.50; and L. H. Clement, a small amount. It is understood that the cause of the young man's downfall was his gambling proelivities, and the chance whiijh he had to develope them bere.


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