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She Wants To Vote

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To the Idiior of Ass Abbob Register. Dkar tiiR: - Li yonr lasi isue you state that I azi a "Vice President, of the National Woman Suörage associalioo, and a República." lt is a matter of no moment what political views a woman uiay hold, as lon% as she is "governed wirhout her OODSent," and "taxed without n-presentation," whieh, in the language oí Benjamin Franklin, "is tyranoy, and ïf long uominaed, seems to be iu effect an entiie disfranchisement of of every civil liberty: for what civil right is worth a rush," afier a man's property is subject to be taken from him at the plesure of another without his consent. Por ita man is nDt hisowi, assessor in person or by deputy, his liberly is goue, for he is entirely at the mercy of others." Tnis is the condition of American women today, who are held by the men of the natiou in political and civil slavery ; and it is to change this condition that we I are demanding of the men our inh. rent right to political and civil liberty; "for voting ij the primary nght, by which all other rights are protected " iu a republican government, at:d for this purpose, we have associated ourselves into a naíional organization, and demand of all men, of every politici.l party, our emanoipation ; therefore we hold oureelves as an association, wbolly nonparüsan, aad disclaim any party affiliations whatever. But among U8 every religious and political belief is represeuted individually, and tor myself, wnatever party gives back to me' njy civil acd politioiil liberty, shall have my first ballot, (provided a decent man be nominated), and I believe most women would do ihe same. Bwpeotfallf, Ann Arbor, Jan. 28, 1889.


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